Class SecuredRedirectHandler

All Implemented Interfaces:
Handler, HandlerContainer, Container, Destroyable, Dumpable, Dumpable.DumpableContainer, LifeCycle

public class SecuredRedirectHandler extends HandlerWrapper

SecuredRedirectHandler redirects from http to https.

SecuredRedirectHandler uses the information present in HttpConfiguration attempting to redirect to the HttpConfiguration.getSecureScheme() and HttpConfiguration.getSecurePort() for any request that ServletRequest.isSecure() is false.

  • Constructor Details

    • SecuredRedirectHandler

      public SecuredRedirectHandler()
      Uses moved temporarily code (302) as the redirect code.
    • SecuredRedirectHandler

      public SecuredRedirectHandler(int code)
      Use supplied code as the redirect code.
      code - the redirect code to use in the response
      IllegalArgumentException - if parameter is an invalid redirect code
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