Class MavenMetaInfConfiguration

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    public class MavenMetaInfConfiguration
    extends MetaInfConfiguration
    MavenWebInfConfiguration WebInfConfiguration to take account of overlaid wars expressed as project dependencies and potential configured via the maven-war-plugin.
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      • COUNTER

        protected static int COUNTER
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      • MavenMetaInfConfiguration

        public MavenMetaInfConfiguration()
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      • replaces

        public java.lang.Class<? extends Configuration> replaces()
        Description copied from interface: Configuration
        Get a class that this class replaces/extends. If this is added to Configurations collection that already contains a configuration of the replaced class or that reports to replace the same class, then it is replaced with this instance.
        The class this Configuration replaces/extends or null if it replaces no other configuration
      • findJars

        protected java.util.List<Resource> findJars​(WebAppContext context)
                                             throws java.lang.Exception
        Get the jars to examine from the files from which we have synthesized the classpath. Note that the classpath is not set at this point, so we cannot get them from the classpath.
        findJars in class MetaInfConfiguration
        context - the web app context
        the list of jars found
        java.lang.Exception - if unable to find the jars