Class JettyHomeForker

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class JettyHomeForker
    extends AbstractForker
    JettyHomeBaseForker Unpacks a jetty-home and configures it with a base that allows it to run an unassembled webapp.
    • Field Detail

      • contextXml

        protected java.lang.String contextXml
      • jettyHome

        protected jettyHome
        Location of existing jetty home directory
      • jettyHomeZip

        protected jettyHomeZip
        Zip of jetty-home
      • jettyBase

        protected jettyBase
        Location of existing jetty base directory
      • baseDir

        protected baseDir
      • modules

        protected java.lang.String[] modules
        Optional list of other modules to activate.
      • jettyOptions

        protected java.lang.String jettyOptions
      • libExtJarFiles

        protected java.util.List<> libExtJarFiles
      • modulesPath

        protected java.nio.file.Path modulesPath
      • etcPath

        protected java.nio.file.Path etcPath
      • libPath

        protected java.nio.file.Path libPath
      • webappPath

        protected java.nio.file.Path webappPath
      • mavenLibPath

        protected java.nio.file.Path mavenLibPath
      • version

        protected java.lang.String version
    • Constructor Detail

      • JettyHomeForker

        public JettyHomeForker()
    • Method Detail

      • setJettyOptions

        public void setJettyOptions​(java.lang.String jettyOptions)
      • getJettyOptions

        public java.lang.String getJettyOptions()
      • getLibExtJarFiles

        public java.util.List<> getLibExtJarFiles()
      • setLibExtJarFiles

        public void setLibExtJarFiles​(java.util.List<> libExtJarFiles)
      • getJettyHome

        public getJettyHome()
      • setJettyHome

        public void setJettyHome​( jettyHome)
      • getJettyBase

        public getJettyBase()
      • setJettyBase

        public void setJettyBase​( jettyBase)
      • getModules

        public java.lang.String[] getModules()
      • setModules

        public void setModules​(java.lang.String[] modules)
      • getContextXmlFile

        public java.lang.String getContextXmlFile()
      • setContextXml

        public void setContextXml​(java.lang.String contextXml)
      • getJettyHomeZip

        public getJettyHomeZip()
      • setJettyHomeZip

        public void setJettyHomeZip​( jettyHomeZip)
      • getBaseDir

        public getBaseDir()
      • setBaseDir

        public void setBaseDir​( baseDir)
      • doStart

        public void doStart()
                     throws java.lang.Exception
        Description copied from class: AbstractLifeCycle
        Method to override to start the lifecycle
        doStart in class AbstractForker
        AbstractLifeCycle.StopException - If thrown, the lifecycle will immediately be stopped.
        java.lang.Exception - If there was a problem starting. Will cause a transition to FAILED state
      • redeployWebApp

        protected void redeployWebApp()
                               throws java.lang.Exception
        Specified by:
        redeployWebApp in class AbstractForker