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public static interface Session.Server.Listener extends Session.Listener

The server-side specific Session.Listener.

  • Method Details

    • onAccept

      default void onAccept(Session session)

      Callback method invoked when a connection has been accepted by the server.

      session - the session
    • onRequest

      default Stream.Server.Listener onRequest(Stream.Server stream, HeadersFrame frame)

      Callback method invoked when a request is received.

      Applications should implement this method to process HTTP/3 requests, typically providing an HTTP/3 response via Stream.Server.respond(HeadersFrame):

       class MyServer implements Session.Server.Listener
           public Stream.Server.Listener onRequest(Stream.Server stream, HeadersFrame frame)
               // Send a response.
               var response = new MetaData.Response(HttpVersion.HTTP_3, HttpStatus.OK_200, HttpFields.EMPTY);
               stream.respond(new HeadersFrame(response, true));
               if (!frame.isLast())
               return null;

      If there is request content (indicated by the fact that the HEADERS frame is not the last in the stream), then applications either:

      stream - the stream associated with the request
      frame - the HEADERS frame containing the request headers
      a Stream.Server.Listener that will be notified of stream events
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