Interface AuthenticationStore

    • Method Detail

      • removeAuthentication

        void removeAuthentication​(Authentication authentication)
        authentication - the Authentication to remove
      • clearAuthentications

        void clearAuthentications()
        Removes all Authentications stored
      • findAuthentication

        Authentication findAuthentication​(java.lang.String type,
                                          java.lang.String realm)
        Returns the authentication that matches the given type (for example, "Basic" or "Digest"), the given request URI and the given realm. If no such authentication can be found, returns null.
        type - the Authentication type such as "Basic" or "Digest"
        uri - the request URI
        realm - the authentication realm
        the authentication that matches the given parameters, or null
      • clearAuthenticationResults

        void clearAuthenticationResults()
        Removes all authentication results stored
      • hasAuthenticationResults

        default boolean hasAuthenticationResults()
        false if there are no stored authentication results, true if there may be some.