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Proxy Servlet

Init Parameters



An asynchronous servlet that forwards requests to another server either as a standard web reverse proxy (as defined by RFC2616) or as a transparent reverse proxy. Internally it uses the async jetty-client.

To facilitate JMX monitoring, the HttpClient instance is set as context attribute, prefixed with the servlet’s name and exposed by the mechanism provided by ContextHandler.MANAGED_ATTRIBUTES.

Init Parameters

The following init parameters may be used to configure the servlet:

forces the host header to a particular value
the name to use in the Via header: Via: http/1.1 <viaHost>
comma-separated list of allowed proxy hosts
comma-separated list of forbidden proxy hosts

In addition, there are a number of init parameters that can be used to configure the HttpClient instance used internally for the proxy.

Default Value: 256 The max number of threads of HttpClient’s Executor
Default Value: 32768 The max number of connections per destination. RFC 2616 suggests that 2 connections should be opened per each destination, but browsers commonly open 6 or more. If this HttpClient is used for load testing, it is common to have only one destination (the server to load test), and it is recommended to set this value to a high value (at least as much as the threads present in the executor).
Default Value: 30000 The idle timeout in milliseconds that a connection can be idle, that is without traffic of bytes in either direction.
Default Value: 60000 The total timeout in milliseconds for the request/response conversation.
Default Value: 4096 The size of the request buffer the request is written into.
Default Value: 4096 The size of the response buffer the response is written into.

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