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SSL in the Jetty Distribution

Default JSSE SSL Configuration
Conscrypt SSL Configuration
Client Certificate Authentication

When making use of the Jetty Distribution, enabling SSL support is as easy as activating the appropriate module. Jetty supports both the default JSSE provider and the Conscrypt provider as SSL implementations.

Default JSSE SSL Configuration

For the default SSL support, simply activate the ssl module:

$ cd /path/to/mybase
$ java -jar ${JETTY_HOME}/start.jar --add-to-startd=ssl
INFO : server          initialised (transitively) in ${jetty.base}/start.d/server.ini
INFO : ssl             initialised in ${jetty.base}/start.d/ssl.ini
INFO : Base directory was modified
$ tree
├── etc
│   └── keystore
└── start.d
    ├── server.ini
    └── ssl.ini

When you open start.d/ssl.ini, you will see several commented properties ready for use when configuring SslContextFactory basics.

To highlight some of the more commonly used properties:
Configures which interfaces the SSL/TLS Connector should listen on.
Configures which port the SSL/TLS Connector should listen on.
If a webapp needs to redirect to a secure version of the same resource, then this is the port reported back on the response location line (having this be separate is useful if you have something sitting in front of Jetty, such as a Load Balancer or proxy).
Sets the location of the keystore that you configured with your certificates.
Sets the Password for the keystore.

Conscrypt SSL Configuration

Enabling Conscrypt SSL is just as easy as default SSL - enable both the conscrypt and ssl modules:

$ cd ${JETTY_HOME}
$ java -jar ../start.jar --add-to-start=ssl,conscrypt

ALERT: There are enabled module(s) with licenses.
The following 1 module(s):
 + contains software not provided by the Eclipse Foundation!
 + contains software not covered by the Eclipse Public License!
 + has not been audited for compliance with its license

 Module: conscrypt
  + Conscrypt is distributed under the Apache Licence 2.0

Proceed (y/N)? y
INFO  : server          transitively enabled, ini template available with --add-to-start=server
INFO  : conscrypt       initialized in ${jetty.base}/start.d/conscrypt.ini
INFO  : ssl             initialized in ${jetty.base}/start.d/ssl.ini
MKDIR : ${jetty.base}/lib/conscrypt
DOWNLD: to ${jetty.base}/lib/conscrypt/conscrypt-uber-1.0.0.RC11.jar
MKDIR : ${jetty.base}/etc
COPY  : ${jetty.home}/modules/conscrypt/conscrypt.xml to ${jetty.base}/etc/conscrypt.xml
COPY  : ${jetty.home}/modules/ssl/keystore to ${jetty.base}/etc/keystore
INFO  : Base directory was modified

No additional Conscrypt configuration is needed. SSL-specific parameters, like keyStorePath and keyStorePassword can still configured as in the example above, making use of the ${JETTY_BASE}/start.d/ssl.ini file.

Client Certificate Authentication

To enable client certificate authentication in the Jetty Distribution, you need to enable the both the ssl and https modules.

$ cd /path/to/mybase
$ java -jar /path/to/jetty-dist/start.jar --add-to-startd=ssl,https


# Module: ssl
# Enable client certificate authentication.


# Module: https

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