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Chapter 1. Introducing Jetty

Table of Contents

What is Jetty?
What Version Do I Use?
Jetty and Java EE Web Profile
Finding Jetty in Maven

What is Jetty?

Jetty is an open-source project providing an HTTP server, HTTP client, and javax.servlet container.

This guide is broken up in to five parts:

  • The first section emphasizes beginning to use Jetty. It provides information about what Jetty is and where you can download it, and where to find Jetty in repositories like Central Maven. It also provides a Quick Start guide on how to get Jetty up and running as well as an overview of how and what to configure in Jetty.
  • The second section of the guide deals with configuring Jetty at a more granular level. It explains how to use Jetty to deploy web applications, configure contexts and connects, and how to implement SSL and other security measures.
  • Administration of Jetty is the focus of the third section of the guide. From server startup to session management, logging, HTTP/2 support and Jetty optimization, these chapters will help administrators get the most out of their Jetty server instances. This section also covers configuring many of the most common servlet container features such as JNDI and JMX.
  • Aimed at advanced users of Jetty, the fourth section of the guide focuses on Jetty development. A large portion of this section is focused on using Jetty as an embedded server in existing applications. It contains several examples and how-to guides for making the most out of the Jetty framework. This section also includes a guide on using the Jetty Maven plugin as well as information on debugging Jetty.
  • The final section of the guide is a reference section. Included there are guides on Jetty architecture and Jetty XML syntax, alternate distributions of Jetty and even troubleshooting of common issues. There is also a chapter on getting involved in the Jetty community including information on how to contribute code and how to find help.

Feedback is always welcome! Additionally, if you are interested in how to contribute to the open source project there is a section on that as well!

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