Juno M7 Test Plan

Testing day: Monday 2012-04-30
Test Build: Always switch to latest available I-build
Components: Platform Search, Platform Text, JDT Text and JDT UI
Testers: Deepak, Markus and Dani





Test New Functionality

Problem decorations on packages (Deepak, Dani - Questions: Markus)

Content assist in package-info.java (Dani, Markus - Questions: Ayush)

New Package wizard creates package-info.java (Deepak, Dani - Questions: Markus)

Sanity-check JUnit 4.10.0 (Deepak, Markus - Questions: Markus)

Java Hyperlinks (Deepak, Dani - Questions: Markus)

Generated overriding methods should copy annotations (Deepak, Dani - Questions: Markus)

Quick fix to import static from favorite (Dani, Deepak - Questions: Markus)

Null Analysis (Deepak, Dani - Questions: Markus)

'Show In' from Open Resource dialog context menu (Dani, Deepak - Questions: Markus)

Bracket Matching (Markus, Dani - Questions: Deepak)

Verify that the matching bracket highlighting and Go To > Matching Bracket action work correctly.

Misc (Markus, Deepak - Questions: Deepak)

Bug Verification (All)

Before starting to verify a bug add a comment indicating that you are about to verify it.