Juno M5 Test Plan

Testing day: Tuesday 2012-01-24
Test Build: Always switch to latest available I-build
Components: Platform Search, Platform Text, JDT Text and JDT UI
Testers: Deepak, Markus and Dani





Test New Functionality

Pre-built index (Deepak, Dani - Questions: Satyam)

Test the new JDT Core feature.

Detecting null field references (Dani, Deepak - Questions: Ayush, Stephan)

Resource leak warnings (Deepak, Markus - Questions: Stephan, Satyam)

Test the improved JDT Core feature.

Extract Method (Markus, Deepak - Questions: Deepak)

Source attachment encoding (Markus, Dani - Questions: Deepak)

Verify that you can specify the encoding for source attachments not in workspace, and that the value is persisted correctly and used correctly to read the source attachment.

Bug Verification (All)

Before starting to verify a bug add a comment indicating that you are about to verify it.