Two Day Test Pass for Java 7 Support

Testing days: Tuesday 2011-07-19 and Wednesday 2011-07-20
Test Build: Use a fresh 3.7 or 4.1 drop and install the support from here
Testers: JDT Team + PDE Team




Use the latest Oracle and IBM JREs from JIM (don't download from anywhere else).


Use your preferred workbench setup but make sure to start with a new workspace, so that bugs can be reproduced more easily.

First test all items where you are listed as first (or only) tester. Only when you have completed all those items, you can start with those where you are listed as second tester.
Drop me a note (ST or e-mail) each time you have completed an item, so that I can update the current state in the test plan.

New Java 7 Support and Features

The goal is to test the new Java 7 features. For each item test the following things (if applicable):

Additional Items

Bug Verification

Freestyle Testing (all)

Once you have completed all assigned test items (including those where you are listed as secondary tester), you can implement a little feature or tool, or fix one of your favorite bugs, preferably using Java 7 constructs.


[1] Cannot be tested because the 1.7 EE description is not yet available.

New Quick Assists and Quick Fixes