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org.eclipse.jdt.jeview - JavaElement View


A view to visualize the Java elements in Eclipse's Java model. The view shows the result of many method calls on model elements either as children in the tree or as entries in the Properties view.
A few operation on the elements are also available in the context menu and in the view menu.


Update Site:



  • Source is included in the plugin archives or available via web or via Project: org.eclipse.jdt.jeview

Manual Install:


  1. Open the JavaElement View
    • from the view menu: Window > Show View > Other..., Java > JavaElement View
    • via shortcut: Alt+Shift+Q, E
    • from an element selection or from a Java editor via Navigate > Show In > JavaElement View
  2. Open a Java file in the editor
  3. Click "Set input from current editor's selection (codeSelect)" () to use the resolved element at the current caret location as view input
  4. Click "Set input from current editor's selection location (getElementAt)" () to use the element that encloses the current caret location as view input
  5. Use the view menu to create a new Java element from a handle identifier
  6. Double click an element to show it in the Package Explorer or open it in an editor
  7. Use Navigate > Show In > ... to show the element somewhere else
  8. Use context menu > Properties to show non-structural properties of the selected element
  9. Use the context menu on JAVA PROJECT elements to find a type by name or to create an element out of a binding key

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