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OK, so now that you saw the syntax let's see how Intent can help you keep your doc synchronized with this short example.

Let's say we are developing a web portal, called, that allows users to purchase items on-line. Each item of the portal is associated to an offer type, defining the target customers and availability conditions. During an iteration, the customer wants us to introduce a new offer type, the Special Promotion Offer Type, that allows him to propose temporary discount on items.

Click on the picture or here to start the demo . This demo shows that when I update the requirements, Intent detects synchronization issues and when I update my code to reflect those changes documentation and code are now up-to-date.
I can also update my code, and then rely on Intent to determine which parts of the documentation have to be updated. In that case I can decide to update the document whenever I want (continuously, late or when it hurts).
The quick-outline allows you to quickly get all the documentation changes relative to some concern/technical aspect of my software (here the offer description).

Notice that the example shows Java code synchronization but this can work for any techical artifact : C/C++ code, XML files, manifests...