Eclipse Hono’s service components are provided by means of pre-built Docker images available from Docker Hub. These container images can be deployed to popular container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes and OpenShift.

The Eclipse IoT Packages project hosts the Hono Helm chart which can be used to install the most recent release of Hono to a Kubernetes cluster using the Helm package manager. Please refer to the deployment guide for installation instructions.

A Java based command line client for consuming telemetry data and events from Hono is available for download from

The client requires a Java 11 runtime environment to run.

Please refer to the Admin Guide for details regarding the command line options that the client supports.


The newest features and bug fixes are available in milestones that are published every 4 -6 weeks. Please note that these milestones represent the latest state of development which also means that APIs or features may change from one milestone to the other. Milestones are mainly intended for testing purposes and should generally not be used in a production environment.

Please refer to the Using specific Container Images section of Hono’s Helm chart for information regarding the installation of milestone container images.

Source Code

The source code can be cloned or downloaded from Hono’s GitHub repository. The Building from Source guide provides instructions on how to build Hono locally.

Release Notes

For a list of the changes in this release, take a look at the release notes.

Previous versions