The preferred way of deploying Eclipse Hono™ is by means of using the pre-built Docker images provided on Docker Hub.

The most convenient way to both pull the images and start corresponding containers is by means of running the deployment script contained in the release archive.

After downloading the archive, extract it to a local folder, change into that folder and run the following from the command line (assuming that your local Docker client is configured to connect to a Docker Swarm manager):

eclipse-hono-deploy-0.7$ deploy/docker/

Hono supports deployment to the following container orchestration platforms:

A Java based command line client for consuming telemetry data and events from Hono is available for download as well:

The client can be run from the command line like this:

$ java -jar hono-cli-0.7-exec.jar --hono.client.port=15671 \
--hono.client.tlsEnabled=true --hono.client.username=consumer@HONO --hono.client.password=verysecret \

Please refer to the Admin Guide for details regarding the command line options that the client supports.

Latest Milestone

The newest features and bugfixes are available in milestones that are published every 4 -6 weeks. Please note that these milestones represent the latest state of development which also means that APIs or features may change from one milestone to the other. Installation works in the same way as for the latest stable release.

Older Versions

These artifacts are available for reference only. Please always use the latest version since this is the one we can provide the best support for.

Source Code

The source code can be cloned (using Git) or downloaded from the Eclipse Hono GitHub repository

Release Notes

For a list of the changes in this release, take a look at the release notes.