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The Henshin project provides a state-of-the-art model transformation language for the Eclipse Modeling Framework. Henshin supports both direct transformations of EMF single model instances (endogenous transformations), and translation of source model instances into a target language (exogenous transformations).


The Henshin language and tool set supports, among others, the following features:


  • 30-06-2022: Henshin 1.8 released with Compact API, OCL2AC, Performance Profiler and more (see our announcement).
  • 06-01-2020: Henshin 1.6 released with textual syntax, variant management, conflict and dependency analysis and more (see our announcement).
  • 17-06-2016: Henshin 1.4 released with critical pair analysis, parameter kinds, and lots of bugfixes.
  • 06-02-2015: Henshin 1.2 released! Check out the new Giraph code generator
  • 28-12-2014: Bugfix release fixes a problem in the handling of PACs in the interpreter
  • 16-08-2014: Henshin Bugfix release
  • 28-07-2014: Henshin 1.0 released!
  • 01-12-2013: Version 0.9.10 released with bugfixes and a code generator for Apache Giraph.
  • 28-05-2013: Version 0.9.8 released with support for edge indices and several bugfixes.
  • 01-03-2013: Version 0.9.6 released with many editor improvements and better handling of multi-valued attributes.
  • 06-11-2012: Version 0.9.4 released with lots of bug-fixes and new features.
  • 19-06-2012: Version 0.9.2 released with new interpreter API, performance improvements and bugfixes, support for IteratedUnits, logging, profiling and more.
  • 03-04-2012: Version 0.9.0 released!
  • 17-10-2011: Update 0.8.0 R201110170738 released which adds support for parameter types in the interpreter wizard
  • 21-09-2011: Henshin SDK 0.8.0 released



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