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Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) Runtime

The GMF Runtime is an industry proven application framework for creating graphical editors using EMF and GEF.

The GMF Runtime provides many features that one would have to code by hand if using EMF and GMF directly.

  • A set of reusable components for graphical editors, such as printing, image export, actions and toolbars and much more.
  • A standardized model to describe diagram elements, which separates between the semantic (domain) and notation (diagram) elements.
  • A command infrastructure that bridges the different command frameworks used by EMF and GEF.
  • An extensible framework that allows graphical editors to be open and extendible.

Current Status

Development is underway for the proposed GMF Runtime 1.11.0 release for Eclipse Oxygen, due June 2017.

GMF Runtime 1.10.0 Now Available

June 22, 2016 - GMF Runtime 1.10.0 for Eclipse Neon has been released. Check the Downloads page.

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