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From models to documents

Gendoc generates documentation from EMF models using document templates
in formats such as OpenOffice Writer (.odt) or Microsoft Word (.docx).

Get or write a standard template document in OpenOffice Writer (.odt) or Microsoft Word (.docx) format,

Add script sections to get dynamic content from models : each dynamic section of the template contains a script written in M2T Acceleo language,

Reference your model as datasource (Papyrus, UML, SysML , GMF or any EMF model),

Launch the generation directly from the template

The generation result fully respects the template document, with all dynamic sections filled with model content

Incubation Phase
Gendoc v0.6 is available

10/10/2016 : Gendoc 0.6.0 is now available for download.
See Downloads page.

Compatibility with Capella

New release Gendoc 0.5.1-juno is now compatible with Capella v1.0.2
See Downloads page.

First release

Gendoc 0.5.1 is available for download.
See Downloads page.

Styled text

Handling of text editor custom styles :
generation of titles, bullets and all styles

Images and diagrams

Generation of GMF diagrams and static images, with caption
and configuration of max output size through area definition


Dynamic table generation, with custom table style handling

Bookmarks and hyperlinks

Generation of dynamic bookmarks and hyperlinks in output document

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