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The Gemini JPA project is about modular implementations of Java Persistence API technology. This project currently provides the integration with the EclipseLink JPA provider to support the OSGi JPA specification approach that clients can use to get JPA support in an OSGi framework.

The modules run on any compliant OSGi framework and leverage the OSGi bundle model of packaging and life cycle activation. They integrate and expose the EclipseLink JPA provider as OSGi services.


The Gemini JPA project is packaged as a separate standalone module and added to the EclipseLink modules at time of installation. Additional Gemini DBAccess and database modules (recommended) can be added for improved modularity.


The Gemini JPA subproject is downloadable and executable independently from the other Gemini subprojects.

Join the discussion at the forum to ask questions or find answers from questions that others have asked.

About Gemini JPA

Current Status

Gemini JPA 1.1 has been released, v1.2 is under development.

New and Noteworthy

Gemini JPA 1.1 now available!

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