Eclipse Gemini Blueprint

Frequently Asked Questions


Costin Leau (SpringSource)

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1. Frequently Asked Questions
1.1. What's the relationship between Spring Dynamic Modules and Gemini Blueprint?
1.2. What happened to "Spring OSGi" project name?
1.3. Why aren't there any javadocs on *.internal.*?
1.4. What are Gemini Blueprint requirements?
1.5. Are there plans to support other dynamic module frameworks (such as the JSR 277 extensions in Java 7)?
1.6. Will Gemini Blueprint work in restricted environments (such as small/mobile devices)?
1.7. What OSGi platforms are supported?
1.8. Where can I learn about OSGi?
1.9. I have problems building the sources. What can I do?
1.10. How can I use logging in OSGi?
1.11. If you use the commons-logging API, why rely on SLF4J and not the commons-logging jar?
1.12. I have to use commons-logging, what can I do?
1.13. Why don't you use the OSGi logging service/[insert your favourite logging library in here]?
1.14. I have to use [insert name] library/framework inside. What can I do?
1.15. I keep getting java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/transaction/... when trying to do data access..
1.16. When doing integration testing I receive java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org.osgi.vendor.framework property not set...
1.17. The autoExport option doesn't work properly!
1.18. When using Gemini Blueprint integration testing I get an exception about serialVersionUID. What is the problem?
1.19. I'm using Eclipse PDE and I started getting some weird exceptions/behaviour. What's the matter?
1.20. I'm upgrading to Spring DM 1.1 but now I get some ClassNotFoundExceptions. What has changed?
1.21. I've noticed that objects imported by Gemini Blueprint are not always equal to the raw target service. Why is that?
1.22. My Gemini Blueprint collection doesn't change even though the number of OSGi service changes. What's wrong?
1.23. I have upgraded to Gemini Blueprint but my custom extender/web extender configuration doesn't work anymore. What has changed?
1.24. I get a java.lang.LinkageError: loader constraint violation if I use Gemini Blueprint. Things work fine with vanilla OSGi. What's wrong?
1.25. What can I use Gemini Blueprint with the Blueprint Container spec? What's the relationship between the two? Are the they compatible? Are there any differences?
1.26. I'm using Knopflerfish 2.3.x and I have a lot of visibility exception. How can I fix this?
1.27. I'm using Gemini Blueprint and Spring jars inside Eclipse PDE but I get an error about cycle dependency errors. What's wrong?