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Zest: The Eclipse Visualization Toolkit, is a set of visualization components built for Eclipse. The entire Zest library has been developed in SWT / Draw2D and integrates seamlessly within Eclipse because of its recognized design.

Zest Snapshots


Zest has been modeled after JFace, and all the Zest views conform to the same standards and conventions as existing Eclipse views. This means that the providers, actions and listeners used within existing applications can be leveraged within Zest.

The Zest project also contains a graph layout package which can be used independently. The graph layout package can be used within existing Java applications (SWT or AWT) to provide layout locations for a set of entities and relationships.


Zest is a visualization toolkit with a growing number of viewers (Static Graph Viewer), all of which aim to be easy to program against. We are actively looking for new visualizations to include in the toolkit.

The Zest graph layout package provides the following layout algorithms:
  • Spring Layout Algorithm
  • Tree Layout Algorithm
  • Radial Layout Algorithm
  • Grid Layout Algorithm

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