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Ganymede Around the World

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Juan Pino Rodr�guez malaga, Espa�a Message - Me gusta
Soy programador Java, pero lo m�s importante que encuentro es lo complicado de instalar actualizaciones o plugins, esto no es solo una opinion personal, toda la comunidad de eclipse en Espa�a opinan lo mismo. Las actualizaciones de plugins, instalaciones,
verdy indonesia, jambi Blog - siagian.p
i can tray
ashraf sfax, Tunisia Message
proud to be involved
mamimoluo chuzhou, china Blog - mamimoluo
just soso
Khaled Sfax, Tunisia Message - Ganymede
Eclipse Ganymede is very rich, it's wonderfull.
mansouri med ali amdoun , tunisie Blog
Frizky Jakarta, IIndonesia Message - Masih di Ganymede
Untuk sekarang masih di Ganymede belum pindah ke Galileo
Phuc Ngo Hoang Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Message
Great development tool
nelu satu mare, romania Message - features of ganymede
Do you now someone what are the features of eclipse ganymede ?
Frank San Salvador, El Salvador Message - Excellent
Good Job race
madalin timisoara, romania Message
henrique lopes nil�polis, Brasil Recording
Borko Djurovic Pljevlja, Montenegro Message - The best base for aplication Development
Thank You Ganimede
Mayur Daftari Pune, India Message - Walking on Moon
The Ganymede release gives me the experience as i am walking on moon with java and j2ee technologies unders my arms.
WANGBL beijing, CHINA Blog
WANGBL beijing, CHINA Blog
Marcelo Gennari S�o Paulo, Brazil Message - I use it!
Thank you for all Ganymede team for providing us, such a great development tool.
Feng Yingcai Guangzhou, China Message - I like eclipse
Eclipse is an excellent ide for java, but sometime it is not enough when I want to update it.
Max Brattleboro, USA Message
Eclipse in VT
Mario A. Gimenez Florencio Varela, Argentina Blog
Mano Java - Funvic Mococa, Brazil Message - Show de Bola
E ai rapaziada!!!
Eduardo Martin Vega Capital Federal, Argentina Message
Hello friends of eclipse. I am writing to congratulate the Eclipse development environment. I like more than Netbase, is very practical and can be added besides the plugin you want. I would like to send me the shirt of eclipse is very good. Saludos desd
Anand Haridas Bangaloru, India Blog -
Amardeep Singh Paneser Bangalore, India Message
This is a Great IDE
FRJK Chennai, India Blog -
FRJK Chennai, India Blog -
Vijay Kumar Keshri Bangalore, India Blog - struts2spring
Krzysztof Adamczyk Rybnik, Poland Blog - Krzysztof Adamczyk - Java Developer's Diary
I use Eclipse both as an IDE and as a Rich Client Platform and it's great :) Working with Eclipse is a pleasure.
Simon Pettersson Stockholm, sweden Blog
F�bio Alves Cuiab�, Brazil Message
the most powerful IDE for PHP and Java
Han Feng Dalian, China Message
I think there would be a lot of improvement to do with Real-time linux(preempt-rt).
POKQ Shenzhen, China Message - Wonderful Ganymede
Ganymede,it is a wonderful version to Eclipse.
IT Formation Marrakech, Maroc Blog - IT Formation
IT Formation
Elson Bezerra Benevides Cuiaba, Brazil Blog - Mr.
Hello World: if talks Java, WebApps, travel web solutions
sivaram vizianagaram, india Blog - eclipse ganymade
Vladimir Pakan Myjava, Slovakia Message
Hi there. I'm using Eclipse mostly as Java IDE together with subclipse. I realy like improvements you have made in GANYMEDE :-) and I like it at all. Good work.
Picles Blumenau, Brazil Message - The
Ganymede is here!
My GirlFriend mumbai, india Message
Hi Girl
Tanmay Shah, India Blog
Apolo Rodriguez Mexico DF, Mexico Message - Great IDE
Grettings for the new eclipse, in now i use eclipse ganymede for a development proyect with Struts2, spring an hibernate an the plugins an the easy way to charge the tool is awesome, the most i like of eclipse that you can use in linux and windows an mac
Ola Spjuth Uppsala, Sweden Blog - Bioclipse - a workbench for life science built on Eclipse
This blog is dedicated to the development of Bioclipse - a workbench for life science built on Eclipse.
Sudarshan B. Singh Kathmandu, Nepal Blog -
Ed Williams Helena, USA Message
Trying Ganymede with jboss for a few projects...
zhangyj changchun, china Blog -
Brian Welch Sydney, Australia Blog - BW's IT Blog
Raj S Dallas, USA Message
Ganymede + PDT + XDebug with symfony framework and YUI developing LAMP+AJAX Website.
EXINI Diagnostics Lund, Sweden Message
EXINI Diagnostics use Eclipse to develop intelligent diagnostic software for healthcare.
Adri�n L�pez Ciudad del Este, Paraguay Recording - Add
Geoffrey Ghent, Belgium Blog -
Saket Bangalore, India Message
Ganymede rocks! It integrates a number of diverse tools in my favourite IDE :)
Benaddy Agadir, Morocco Message
Thank you eclipse stay free
Dario Fantoni Viadana, Italy Recording
Krasimir Gucev Sofia, Bulgaria Recording -
Stephan Fink Coswig, Germany Message - Eclipse ist toll!
Ich nutze Eclipse f�r mein Studium und auf Arbeit f�r fast jede Programmiersprache, die ich brauche.
Joao PC Costa Lisbon, Portugal Blog -
IT Engineer for 5 years, 2008. The best open-source for development. Good modeler, deployer and best maintenance application.
Alexis San Javier, San Javier Message - framework "SPRING" sorry
Alexis Quiroz Kirochi San Javier, San Javier Message - iniciandose en Eclipse
...quiero hacer mi tesis en Framework Pring, y quiero ocupar eclipse pero no cacho mucho... alguna ayuda a... asunto around friend
hugo romero, paraguay Blog -
Ming-der Wang Taipei, Taiwan Blog -
We use Ganymede for Modeling and Android programming.
Iuri Carraro Porto Alegre, Brasil Message - Developers
Go to hell and back!
Paul Oxford, United Kingdom Message -
An eclipse user since EOL of Visual Age for Java. Using Eclipse to implement EPR software for the Health Care industry.
keyur thadeshwar mumbai, india Message
hi i like eclipse. bet all eclipse
BOUSSEBAT Khaled Algiers, Algeria Blog - Software Architect & Developer in Java EE
Ganymede is a very code product machine
Eric Marchand Sophia-Antipolis, France Message
Eclipse's just great!
YarentY Athlone, Ireland Blog -
Deng Fanxin Beijing, China Blog - My page
Ganymede provides a complete modeling tool which will promote the process of MDD
Oscar Casarrubias Mexico City, Mexico Message
I use eclipse for Portlets development
Faustino Belo Horizonte, BRASIL Message - for (;;){very good}
Excelente. O pre�o e ainda melhor
Aquilardo Cochabamba, Bolivia Blog - My PHP Development Tools
Hola amigos a todos, cree mi blog para compartir mis experiencias con Eclipse PDT y Aptana Studio Pluggin
Nirbhay K Noida, India Message -
You guys are doing Great !!
Marcelo Rocabado La Paz, Bolivia Message
Seguro Ganymede ser� de gran utilidad en nuestras proyectos!
Marcus Hirt Stockholm, Sweden Blog -
William Aldana Bogota, Colombia Message
Usando Ganymede!!! Esta Excelente.
Bartosz Serwatko Sanok, POLAND Message - RCP Rulez
Hi, I'm using Eclipse since 2.3 and I don't want to use other IDEs anymore.
Icy Tehran, Iran Message
Haven't been using eclipse for some time and now getting back to it with Ganymede
Jagadish Uriti Stevens Point, USA Blog -
Mathias Betim Ponta Grossa , Brasil Message - O E
O Eclipse é uma otima ferramenta para iniciantes na programação orientada a objetos.
�ukasz Kaczy�ski Wysokie Mazowieckie, Poland Blog -
Skip Hollowell Hilliard, United States Message - Since V1 and still going Strong
I have been Eclipse-ing since the V1 days and still love everything it does for me.
Li Zhihui Hangzhou, China Message
Jiayou, Ganymede.
Iuri Carraro Porto Alegre, Brasil Recording -
Ronald Mathies Leiden, Netherlands Blog - Eclipse Frameworks (Plugin development)
Part of my Java Wiki with specific information about plugin development for Eclipse.
park changwoo seoul, korea Blog - In praise of Difference
Hellow Ganymede
reclusejack DouLiu, Taiwan Message
I can't wait to use the new software.
Shumilin Munich, Germany Message - DSL with Eclipse
We use Eclipse Ganymede for the development of a DSL which makes the work of our customers substantially easier.
Jan Hodel Bern, Switzerland Message
waleed cairo, egypt Message - new experiment
ganymede is comfortable looking
Oscar Martinez Villavicencio, Colombia Message - Excelente IDE
es simplemente el mejor entorno de desarrollo integrado que hay, ademas su mejor cualidad es que es multiplatadorma...
Dave ����, Taiwan Message
I'm using the DSDP/DD plugins in Ganymede. It's so great and powerful for embedded software develop!!
Joyce Fung Markham, Canada Message - Miss
I'm using the new Ganymede release of Eclipse to try to learn more about computer programming and Java.
Frank Stuttgart, Germany Message
I arbeite sehr gerne beruflich mit Eclipse (im Automotive-Umfeld) und freue mich schon auf Ganymede!
Rudinei Felipetto Francisco Beltr�o, Brazil Message - Message
saurabh indore, india Blog -
Gediminas Siutilas Vilnius, Lithuania Message - Again number 1
This is a number 1 in my playpen. I'm using Eclipse for my own projects and my workday tasks.
Henrik Danielsson Karlstad, sweden Blog
Cyril Lakech Lille, France Blog - My Eclipse XP
Eclipse is dev proof ! Try it, love it !
rithy thon phnom penh, Cambodia Message - Interested
I'm really interested in Ganymede
lizheng beijing, china Message
I like it.
Thomas Pani Tulln, Austria Message
Using Ganymede for: - Computer Science studies at TU Wien - Work at a major European company
Mohammad AbdolLatif Alexandria, Egypt Message
Eating, drinking, sleeping and "eclipsing" are biological essentials for mylife to keep going
�ukasz �eligowski Gdynia, Poland Message - Great
Ganymede is exactly what I need. In my opinion - the best version ever. What do you want to add in next version? Thanks a lot for Eclipse.
Sanghoon Lee Seoul, South Korea Blog -
taewoo, kim seoul, s.korea Message - it's cool and hot
i hate 3.3 europa, it's too hard and bigger program but 3.4 is wonderful than other eclipse :)
Jens Oslo, Norway Blog - Great!
Ganymede is great!
Ryan Hu ZhuHai, China Message - Wonderful Ganymede
Ganymede, it's a wonderful version to Eclipse, I like it even the clearcase plugin cannot connect to Rational ClearCase on startup although I really set it to automatically connect. and the debug mode under the tomcat appserver, it's really a debuging rev
Hoang Van Tien Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam Message - Best
Best for development as a platform and tools
Sejong,Lee Seoul, Korea Blog -
Doowon Kim Suwon, South Korea Blog - Timing is everything
Graulle Toulouse, France Blog
Martin Praha, Czech Republic Message - Mobile software
Hello, we are using Eclipse for Java development of mobile software. It's the best tool. Keep up the good work!
Vera Wahler Randersacker, Germany Blog - Switching to Ganymede
The blog entry summarizes my first first impressions switching to Ganymede.
Kevin Budiyanto Melbourne, Australia Blog
Sung-Ahn, Kim Seoul, South Korea Blog - Plug-in Spy
Introducing "plug-in spy"
Sung-Ahn, Kim Seoul, South Korea Blog - Eclipse Ganymede Problems
eclipse ganymede: problems and some solutions.
Daniel Angelovski Bitola, Macedonia Message - Ganymede
Starting with Ganymede is exciting, transfering old projects goes easy, it is big improvement for Eclipse.
Anis Hammam Sousse, Tunisia Message
David Borja Medell�n, Colombia Message -
I'm an Eclipse user since 2004, and let me say you that the new Eclipse Ganymede is wonderful!, you have to try it!!
Khoo Teng Siang Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Message - Great Stuff
Ganymede is really GREAT!!. Eclipse has eased my job in Java Programming.
Michael Finney Columbia, USA Message -
As part of my commitment to be one of the best, I use the best tools. This includes Eclipse. Right now that means Ganymede.
Matheus Rezende de Castro S�o Joaquim de bicas, Brazil Message
Jim Fergusson Leeds, United Kingdom Blog -
BIRT - outstanding - and so is the whole of Ganymede
atif nisar chicago, USA Message
Use Eclipse for perl and Java development
Bug'sBeni Brussel, Belgium Blog - Java Power Man
Well let's have a look on this nice IDE... Is it good or not ? Anyway the real answer in couple of years ;)
Lijo Abraham Bangalore, India Blog
Eclipse rocks the world and this is sure one of the best.
vamsi hyderabad, india Message
i like it very much.As this is much faster than other ides and we can develop and extend applications using the framework
Heresy.Mc FuZhou, China Blog - Heresy.Mc
I like this.
C�sar Moura Fortaleza, Brazil Message - Congratulations from CEFET-Ceara
In fact, I'm doing in Ganymede everything I need in terms of programming (Java, EMF, QVTO, etc.) Thanks, Eclipse.
Bart�omiej Knabel 50-441 Wroc�aw, Poland Message - Ganymede RCP
I use Ganymede everywhere: at Home, at Work and also in train ;) Especially I'm interested in RCP architecture, so last few weeks I've spend on learning how to write RCP plugins.
Xing Jiang Shanghai, China Blog -
Nile Black hangzhou, China Blog -
Jospeh Marinaccio Hermann, USA Blog - marinaccio family
hello to all.
Shaolin Zhang Whenzhou, China Blog - Ganymede���Ѳ���
Eclipse֮����ǿ�����ںܴ��̶� ������Ϊ���ڶ�����֧�֣��ر������Ѳ������������ Ѿ���֤����Ganymede�汾�¿���ʹ�õ����Ѳ���������ҵ� ������Ѱ棩��
Shauvik Roy Choudhary Atlanta, United States Blog - Eclipse Ganymede
Hi, I am excited to try the cool features in eclipse ganymede. Will keep on updating up blog post as and when i come across another cool feaure :-) Cheers, Shauvik
Argenis Maracaibo, Venezuela Message
Awesome IDE. Brilliant Community. Thanks for your work
Krishnakumar Pooloth Bangalore, India Blog -
Mikael Sevenier Santa Clara, USA Blog
Marc Reykjavik, Iceland Message
At work I have to use Visual Studio and I miss Eclipse so much. It is a lot easier to use...just to name the views (an old Eclipse feature): VS 08 bombards you with options and toolbars...Eclipse just shows me what I am interested in. Love it!
Gong Chengming nanjing, China Recording - Good Experience, but not so familiar.
The new IDE give me good experience for C++ projects. But i am not so familiar with it now.
Olga Madejska Cracow, Poland Message - Ganymede!
Finally a new, blazing fast release of Eclipse! I'm very excited to discover all the new features and improvements. Thank you very much, it's really amazing!
fu liqiang beijing, china Blog -
Stephen Egan Melbourne, Australia Message - CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems
Using RCP, RAP, EMF & BIRT for sustainable urban development assessment
GAO Xiang Baoding, China Message
new features cool ...
�ukasz Lato Pozna�, Poland Message - The best
RCP is the best!!
Tat Yu Shrewsbury, US Blog - Software Engineer
Tat Bill Yu Shrewsbury, US Blog - Software Engineer
Hernan Leoni Mountain View, USA Blog - Eclipse Ganymede
Vale la pena migrar a Eclipse Ganymede.
Daniel Guimaraes Campinas, Brazil Blog -
Jusun Ahn Pusan, South Korea Blog - Jusun Laboratory
Marcos Maia Bras�lia, Brazil Blog - Java, Application Servers, IT, etc...
Im using Ganimede to review and use JSF, Web Services and and J2ME in my new personal project!
Andr�s Felipe Cardona Bogot�, Colombia Message - El mejor ambiente integrado de desarrollo que hay
Gracias, por hacer tan eficiente y f�cil el proceso de desarrollo, el proyecto eclipse definitivamente es del carajo
Michal Margiel Warszawa, Poland Blog - m2eclipse 0.9.5 released
Marcin Pietraszek Wroc�aw, Polska Blog
Windiantoro Depok, Indonesia Blog - ganymede-round-the-world-huh
Patrick Deters Lexington, USA Message - Smooth!
Smooth release, well done!
Jin Chunxia Beijing, China Message
I am using the Ganymede to develop a RCP Application to manage my content in a file system.
Cav Edwards London, United Kingdom Message
Getting the most out of Ganymede here - running it on Java7 beta builds very quickly indeed :-)
Cory Cobler Amarillo, USA Message - Continued Improvements
It is great to see an industry leader continue to improve an already great product - Thanks Eclipse
Diter dos Santos London, UK Message - Good work :o)
Good work :o)
Guillermo Gonz�lez Asunci�n, Paraguay Message
Utilizo Eclipse Ganymede en un proyecto Web OpenSource basado en Tomcat, SpringFramework e Hibernate para una empresa estatal
Darko Kalinic Podgorica, Montenegro Blog - Iza�ao je Eclipse 3.4 - Ganymed
Stephen Vance Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands Message - Ganymede Rocks
Finally got the download for Mac. The Windows version has been serving me well.
Link Qian Hefei, China Blog - 三步搞定JPA
Aboubacar CISSE Dakar, SENEGAL Message -
Manasij Banerjee Kolkata, India Message
It is the only IDE which I use everyday for my development work......No need to look further ...Ganymede rocks
Shaolin Zhang Whenzhou, China Blog - Use Eclipse Ganymede to Improve Efficiency
Use Eclipse Ganymede to Improve Efficiency
Ryan Ovrevik Oak Hill, US Blog - My Dumb Blog!
Using it at home and work. So far it is as solid as previous releases.
mihir patel Mumbai, India Recording - Mihir Patel
Peng Zhang Beijing, China Blog - Thoughts about Eclipse Ganymede(and Eclipse)
Thoughts about Eclipse Ganymede(and Eclipse)
Wojciech Jancz Gliwice, Poland Message - Eclipse Roxx
I am using Eclipse as IDE (4 years) and RCP platform (2 years). It's awesome!
Wei-Te Kao Taipei City, Taiwan Message - Eclipse IDE and Google Android SDK
I'm using the Eclipse IDE as my environment for developing Android applications. Just install a custom plugin called Android Development Tools (ADT), I can creat, run and debug Android applications faster and easier.
Thomas Schroeder Sydney, Australia Message
All these fantastic tools for free!!
Perry Molendijk Perth, Australia Message
Use Ganymede for XML dev work. Like the look of the new XSL tooling.
eclipse Ganymede 3.4 Chur, Switzerland Blog -
snake Chur, Switzerland Blog - eclipse Ganymede 3.4
Andrzej Grzesik Krak�w, Poland Blog - Java Monkey Engine with Eclipse Ganymede
Eko Kurnaiwan Khannedy Subang, Indonesia Blog - Great Ganymede
Actually i use NetBeans for my enterprise project, buat when i use Ganymede, i have a great experience, so now i use genymede to develope my enterprise project!!!
Lukasz Warszawa, Poland Message
Eclipse just excelent helps me earn money:)
Anders Eriksson Stockholm, Sweden Blog -
Maciej Nowicki Bia�ystok, Poland Message
Hey, Eclipse users from Bialystok, where are you? :)
Marco Maccaferri Bologna, Italy Message -
Used to develop J2EE and Rich Client Platform (RCP) applications.
Pana El Vendrell, Spain Message
Ganymede rocks! Thanks to all contributors
wylander Wroclaw, Poland Blog - Nice work
I'm realy happy from webtools 3.0 and new installer.
JingYanming Dalian, China Blog - èʳ��С��
Eclipse Ganymede �ȶ�Ϊ��
ZengMingqi Guangzhou, China Message
I like Ganymede.I often edit Keys to meet my habit,for instance:setup keys of Ctrl+Shift+Space for Content Assist and Context Information,so that is very convenience
GTron Cagliari, Italy Blog -
We use Eclipse since 2004. Great job with Ganymede!!!
Yih Feng Low Hobart, Australia Message
At least one Eclipse user in Tasmania!
Raghavendra Bangalore, India Message - Need to concentrate more on Database plugins
Here, Now a days we are using eclipse extensively, so we were building lots of enterprises application, where in which simultaneously need work on database, why its not going to work like Quest Toad?
S�bio Ignorante S�o Paulo, Brazil Blog - :D
Pupier Lyon, FRANCE Message - RCP Ganymede
RCP Ganym�de permet une bonne cr�ation de plugin et d'ajouter des fonctionnalit�s sp�cifiques � l'IDE Eclipse Classic. Tr�s pratiques!!
Tomasz Bartczak ��d�, Poland Blog - Look at Ganymede!
Constructive criticism is always good :)
Edrick Cayey, Puerto Rico Message
Eclipse rules
Joana Matos Fonseca da Trindade Porto Alegre, Brazil Blog - Joana Trindade's Blog
Michele Chiti Lastra a Signa, Italia Blog - Software Architect at Emm&mmE Informatica
Eclipse is the best Java IDE in the World.
Nestor Arturo Veracruz, Mexico Message
I was working with eclipse since 2004 and i believe that is the better IDE. I believe the eclipse Ganymede will the best for the year. PD. It�s great working with Java & Qtjambi
Pavan Shahi Mumbai, India Blog - Great
It should be a rocking experience to develop using Ganymede
Jiyao Liu Shanghai, China Blog -
Senthil Dhanapal Santa Clara, USA Message - Checking
Logged in to download the latest eclipse which supports our latest WOLips Plugin.
Kasper S�rensen Copenhagen, Denmark Blog - kasper's source
Dan Bystr�m Stockholm, Sweden Message - 64-bit Eclipse rocks!
Ubuntu 8.04 (64bit) + IBM SDK 6.0 (64-bit) + Eclipse (64-bit) = I'm blessed with the fastest IDE ever!
Admin for Holy Bible Trivia Longyearbyen, Svalbard Blog - Kudo's to Eclipse
Switched from jbuilder several years ago. Based in US currently traveling with my laptop.(using Eclipse daily) Planning on being in Deutschland in Nov. Wish to attend the summit.
Swapna Bangalore, India Message - Eclipse usage in my project
We do plugin devleopement for automobile software validation and development.The software is displayed graphically using GEF and GMF.Editors are developed using the Form toolkit and model is an EMF model.
Lucas Campinas, Brazil Message - Rox the socks
Using ganymede up here, in Brasil. Eclipse rox =D
KoYoungMin Seoul, South Korea Blog - neouser Tistory
i do Ganymede. nice to meet you
Edison Gieswein Morristown, USA Message - Good First Impression
I just fired up Ganymede, and I'm truly impressed by what I see. Ganymede lacks much of the laggy feeling which drove me to other ide's
Ronnie Wg Kota Kinabalu , Malaysia Message
great, for things to explore
Timo Koukkari Tampere, Finland Message
I've been using Eclipse in my work for two years.
Ronnie Wong Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia Message
WOW Ganymede sound great...can not wait to try
Hyoseok Kim Seoul, South Korea Message - Eclipse Ganymede
Lee Surprenant Research Triangle Park, USA Blog -
Jao Lucas Manila, Philippines Message
Eclipse community delivers again! Thanks for making my development life easier. =)
Emiel van Rooijen Amsterdam, The Netherlands Blog - Eclipse Ganymede ECF review
cana Bandung, Indonesia Blog - [-canty4ever-]
ganymede help me !!!
Navin Koomsup Bangkok, Thailand Blog -
Irakli Kobiashvili Tbilisi, Georgia Message - IDE
This is the IDE !
Edoardo Gualdo Tadino, Italy Message
Lo uso sia per sviluppo J2EE che a scuola con i miei studenti.
ghadamyari Tehran, Iran Message
This is great!
Jose Luis Estrada Tijuana, Mexico Message - Software Architect
I want to collaborate in this project i interest in performance development life cycle
Orest Kinasevych Winnipeg, Canada Message -
As a post-secondary instructor, I find it invaluable for in-class code demos, for submitted code review and management, and much more. Can't imagine how I'd manage without!
Marin Orlic Zagreb, Croatia Blog - Pomrcina
Ups! One extra h in http: last time
Marin Orlic Zagreb, Croatia Blog - Pomrcina
Congrats to Eclipse team(s) for another release on sched! Really impressive. As for the blog name, 'pomrčina' means 'eclipse' translated to Croatian :)
yangtnt ������, �й� Message
Start with Ganymede from eclipse 3.2
Marcos Paulo Serafim Orl�ndia, Brazil Message -
Estou utilizando o Eclipse Ganymede para desenvolvimento tanto em Java quanto C/C++. Eclipse rlz!!!
chenyanqing jinan, China Blog -
ganymede is cool!
Gagsy Trichy, India Blog - Ganymede Rocks
Ganymede Rocks
petersun Harbin, China Blog -
zlam Lima, Peru Blog - UNMSM
Good job!!
Parusov Alexander Moscow, Russia Blog - AParusov's Eclipse & Open Source blog
Robert Nilsen Sandefjord, Norway Message
Great work guys! I especilly love the new debug hover screen!
Fahd Shariff London, UK Blog - Eclipse Ganymede Review
Read my blog for a review of the best Eclipse yet!
Alex Viladecans, Spain Message - The Best Ide for J2ME
Is the best ide for programming mobility applications. I don't use other!!!
Grzegorz Duda Krakow, Poland Recording - Polish Java Podcast
In this episode about Java in Poland I am talking about 2 Eclipse Demo Camp that were held in Poland. As well as pointing out my best features in Eclipse Ganymede.
Sergey Kabashnyuk Cherkasy, Ukraine Message - Eclipse
Eclipse is great!
Murat Yener �stanbul, Turkey Message -
Ganymede is great, i am so inspired and impressed with the work. Migrating all our development platforms and getting one step closer to heaven...
Song jun fei shenzhen, China Message
Ruby support is great!
Pedro Sandoval San Diego, USA Message
Use it at work and home for all my programming needs
Jon Hilton Melbourne, Australia Blog - EHR - The Holy Grail?
Infrequently updated. It's a shame things aren;t changing faster. even Google and MS are yet to make an impact in Australia
John Nguyen Santa Ana, US Message
Ganymede is too slow compare to the Europa version. It tool 3 times longer to build my project compared to the previous version 3.3.2.
Oscar Ramirez QUERETARO, MEXICO Recording
Eclipse es mi IDE para app J2EE
Stanislav Demjanovich �����������, ���������� ��������� Message
Hi! Great job. Stay True! :)
Luo Ming ShangHai, China Message
I really like the pair-programming function in Ganymede, Thanks Eclipse Community!
Roberto Castell�n, Spain Message
Bi peng Shang hai, China Blog -
The javascript editor does not support anonymous function quit well.
Kiran Mithra Kuwait City, Kuwait Message - Eclipse
Looking forward for Ganymede. Sounds intresting with the blue prints
zhangrui BeiJing, China Message - Wonderful
I am a student. and I develop software with eclipse two years.I am glad to see there are so much new function in the eclipse3.4.I am trying to use it.
zhangrui BeiJing, China Message - ganymede is wonderful
I am a student. and I develop software with eclipse two years.I am glad to see there are so much new function in the eclipse3.4.I am trying to use it.
Zien Klang, Malaysia Message
Ganymede is cool!
Zien Klang, Malaysia Message
I like Ganymede!
Kevin Minshull Calgary, Canada Message -
Currently building a mail server from scratch for something to do.
���� ����, �й� Blog -
Yuriy Tkach Chernihiv, Ukraine Message
Excellent tool helped us to speed up our development! :)
Matthew Perrins Daventry, UK Message
I love Eclipse coz I am a geek.
Moochan Song Seoul, Korea Blog -
Jean-Francois Sorel, Canada Blog
zhang yadong dalian, china Blog -
Emerson Cargnin Reading, United Kingdom Message - Well done!!!
Well done for one more release
moneyice Shenzhen, China Message -
New eface is based on eclipse 3.4
mingxing ma shanghai, china Message
brucema shanghai, china Message
��ʿ�� ֣��, �й� Message - ����Ganymede�Ľ���
Juan Perez El Calafate, Argentina Blog -
Yo no programo pero el Eclipse est� buen�simo
Juliano D. Carniel Campinas, Brazil Blog - Ganymede Server Start Timeout
This shows how to increase the start timeout of the server in the new eclipse
Michal Kulinski Kikol , Poland Message - Ask for plugins. Why?
Please do not follow corporate bullshit with plugin usage ask in Ganymede.
Piotr Cracow, Poland Message
It's great that with language change, I don't need to change IDE. I recommended Eclipse to many people and no one ever complain :)
renyy beijing, china Message
good job
Md. Saifur Rahman Sazib Dhaka, Bangladesh Blog - eclipse is eclipse
eclipse brings the revolutionary changes in JEE life, culture & society ;)
Mainul Islam Dhaka, Bangladesh Message
Ganymede rocks.
Syed Ekramuddin Dhaka, Bangladesh Message - Sr. Software Engineer
one window marvelous development environment with speed, manage, collaboration and so so many things .. ..
Hardik Ahmedabad, India Blog - genymade
Thanks Wonderful
Michael Dayton, USA Blog - Setting up Eclipse: Ganymede Edition
Congratulations on yet another great release!!!
Scott Stanlick Edwardsville, USA Blog - Ganymede Rocks!
I am using with Tomcat, Spring and Hibernate and life is good!
Hiroki Kondo Tokyo, Japan Blog -
Eclipse is a greatest way of software.It's not IDE.It's a platform and methodlogy.
Ahmed Mohammed cairo, Egypt Message
eclips is my favorite,it really develop my career.
liushaozhuang beijing, China Blog - ��ԭeclipse 3.4
Abhishek Indore, India Message
Just adapted to Ganymede! Wishing this will be a huge success.
Patricia Jablonski Potsdam, USA Message - Plug-in Tool Development
I use Eclipse to make plug-ins that support and manage the copy and paste programming practice in the IDE.
Pablo Carbajal Toronto, Canada Blog -
Michael Kebe Duisburg, Germany Message
Same procedure as last year? Same procedure as every year! Eclipse gets better and better!
Juliano D. Carniel Campinas, Brazil Blog - Eclipse Ganymede - First Impressions
Minhas primeiras impress�es sobre o Eclipse Ganymede, e as novas features.
Riot Belgrade, Serbia Message - Eclipse
fantastic and my developing tool... mmm ;)
Jose Herrero Zaragoza, Spain Message
Since I've tryed it I've felt more comfortable programming java. Amazing behaviour!
Thomas Busch M�hlhausen, Germany Message - Eclipse Rocks!
Hello, i'm using ganymede for both c++ and java development, it's the best tool for the job!
Krishna Hyderabad, India Message
we use eclipse to develop plugins
Naveen Hyderabad, India Message
I will use Eclipse for developing plugins
David Garc�a Palencia, Spain Message - Hope
This is cool
Diligent IT Solutions AG Regensdorf, Switzerland Message - Ganymede as basis for CCTVnet
We use the great Eclipse Ganymede platform as the basis for our product CCTVnet. This includes: Server-side Equinox, RCP, Custom IDE
jbjares Bel�m, Brasil Message - The Might
Now, I�m using Ganymede for tests. Europa is very good but I wait for some bugs solved in Ganymede, the comunity will be more grateful. Web Developer in eclipse is the Best choice. Thanks a lot!
danny walker Wellington, New Zealand Message
Ganymede looks good so far!
Glaucus S�o Paulo, Brazil Message
Let's try, it must be fun!
Claudio F Vagheti Porto Alegre, Brazil Blog - Blog do Cl�udio
A cada release uma �tima surpresa !
Bhavesh Sanghvi Ames, USA Blog - OpenBiomind-GUI
I am using Eclipse 3.4 RCP for developing a GUI for OpenBiomind, as a part of my Google Summer of Code 2008 project.
Marcus LA MURTA, Spain Blog -
Rain Boy Milan, ITALY Message - ;)
Eclipse BEST IDE in the world... ;) It's raining...
Horst Schwarz Munich, Germany Message
4h Eclipse x day ...
Xefix Helsinki, Finland Blog
Eclipse developer since 2002, still going strong.
Yusuke Takahashi Tokyo, Japan Message
This is a wonderful tool.
Sergey Krivolapov Rostov-on-Don, Russia Message
Jinwook Kim Seoul, South Korea Blog - Eclipse 3.4/Ganymede Released
About new and important features
Taewan Kim Seoul, Korea Recording - I love eclipse
Kill Shanghai, China Blog -
Leonardo Gomes Antibes, France Message
It's the greatest IDE! I'm especially excited about the Eclipse Modeling Tools
Cesare Pautasso Lugano, Switzerland Blog - RAP
RAP: The best new feature of Ganymede.
Suresh Krishna Fremont, USA Message - Ganymede Blast
I was extremely impressed by the performance of the release and provisioning system is GREAT !!!
Andrew Kane Lexington, United States Blog - Quantum Raiders
great job! keep up the good work!
Denis Fuenzalida Santiago, Chile Blog - Eclipse Ganymede
Lee mi review del nuevo Eclipse Ganymede
Arthur Casals Sao Paulo, Brazil Blog - One More From Jupiter
Still evaluating it, guys.. but already liking it! :)
Thomas Taipei, Taiwan Blog
The greatest C++/JAVA IDE in the history...
Houze Geneva, Switzerland Message - Melusine
Eclipse+Maven+M2Eclipse+Jonas=Best Software Factory Today
Kangho Seoul, Korea Blog - Rookiejava
Hello Ganymede..
Laurent Brack Santa Clara, USA Blog -
Can't work without eclipse. Bring all the tools I need into a single I*E
KoYoungMin seoul, South Korea Blog - run!neo
Helge Worrmann Hamburg, Germany Message
Very good job! Thx a lot
Dimitris Tsitsipis Lamia, Greece Message
Be it C, C++ or Jave, Eclipse is my IDE of choice, and it rocks harder with each release! Keep up the good work!
Wilson Fan Auckland, New Zealand Message
Have been using eclipse for many years. This was the IDE that convinced me that it was time to move from text editors :D
Zen Biker Maniac Inverness, United Kingdom Blog -
Markus K�hle 55130 Mainz, Germany Blog - Eclipse Ganymede als (JEE) Entwicklungsumgebung
Was bringt Ganymede neues und welche Vorteile bringt es bei der JEE Entwicklung?
Zen Biker Maniac Inverness, United Kingdom Blog -
Howard Rosenblum Kanata, Canada Blog - Free shirt (and more)
garry star thousand oaks, United States Message
Eclipse is great stuff. Use it all day, every day
Terry Bell Victoria, Canada Message
I am upgrading an RCP app that is used to track forest firefighters and lone workers for safety.
Shen Ding urumqi, china Message
hallo world
Jan Roza Drunen, Netherlands Message - Just learning
Just started out with learning Java after many years in Cobol, Rpg, Visual Basic, Visual DialogScript and Delphi. Really like Eclipse, it's a very good development tool.
Nicola Sereno Roma, Italia Message
C'� anche Roma
Vijay Kumar Keshri Jaipur, India Message
this is a test message.
Vardan Gevorgyan Yerevan, Armenia Blog -
Nuttapong Bangkok, Thailand Message
This Good Ganymede
Adam Thomas Virginia Beach, United States Blog -
Eclipse Ganymede Rocks!
Danny Kim Seoul, South Korea Blog -
Darek Krak�w, Polska Blog - Mylyn - nastepca Mylar
Michael Alves Lins Bras�lia, Brazil Message - Ganymede release
Building an IDE for the iFlux framework ( and myFuses framework (, from the Candango Opensource Group (, Brazil.
Pablo Emiliano Terradillos Resistencia, Argentina Blog - Eclipse GanyMade esta aqu�
I've just wrote a mini-review about ganymade and i use it as example in my java-related articles
Gabriel Kohen Andover, USA Blog - Eclipse 3.4 - First Impressions (Or � So you want to Ganymede?)
Vlad Ureche Bucharest, Romania Message
Go eclipse go!
Adrian Costil Washington, USA Message
Excellent tool. Thank you.
bwlee Shenzhen, China Message
I am using Ganymede now,the one I hope for a long time!
James Choa San Juan, Philippines Message - Ganymede
Got to love Eclipse Ganymede + CDT. Makes all other editors look like toys :D
Gabriel Curitiba, Brazil Message
Finally Ganimede arrive. Congratulations Eclipse.
Hemang Pune, India Blog -
Ekkehard Gentz Rosenheim, Germany Blog - P2 Shared Installations (Bundle Pool) - german
Ekkehard Gentz Rosenheim, germany Blog - P2 Shared Installations (Bundle Pool)
have fun with p2;-)
Marijn Bekers 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands Message
Eclipse just keeps getting better. Keep up the good work!
Yogendra Rampuria Singapore, Singapore Blog - Yogi's Nook
Congrats All!!!!
Guillaume Delaire Lyon, France Message -
In Ganymede we trust !!!
Daycom Technologies Barcelona, Spain Blog -
Ya lo tengo!!!
Jakob K�lzer M�nchen, Deutschland Message - I Love Eclipse
I love eclipse. I use it for everything. :)
Diego L�pez Le�n Capital Federal, Argentina Blog - Nuevo Eclipse Ganymede
Quiero la campera! :P
Pablo Frias Cordoba, Argentina Blog - Nuevo Eclipse Ganymede - Primer experimento
Primer intento con el nuevo Update Manage
Reeyan Lee Seoul, Korea Blog - Lovely eclipse...
Hi.. Ho... It's finally here... well done.
Tudor Holton Melbourne, Australia Message -
Using Ganymede in OpenScore - a live results and scoring system for Athletics.
Wissem Guelma, Algeria Blog - http://sdsd;
Thanks people, i am very glad to see this new version.. keep on.
kilito rabat, moroco Blog -
Thanks, great job!
Diallo bamaco, Mali Blog -
Great work, keep on
Jocafi Salvador, Brazil Message - Wonderful Tool
Ganymede is the best development tool I have worked with. Improvement of RAD, ease of use and intelligence overall. Thanks to the Eclipse Team.
David Oviedo, Spain Blog -
Soy m�s fan de NetBeans, pero sin duda Eclipse es genial. ��VIVA JAVA!!
Allan Chandler Perth, Australia Message
Hello from Perth Australia
Georgi Baychev Sofia, Bulgaria Message
Keep up the good work!
Emad Sarhan Alexandria, Egypt Message - Mylyn 2.2
Mylyn 2.2 release and will demonstrate the latest features for keeping you productive and happy when programming in Eclipse
Bhuvanesh Visakhapatnam, India Message - Ganymede Rocks!
Eclipse 3.4 has numerous new features that would surely make java development a pleasure. Kudos to the Ganymede development team for delivering a great product!
Nelson Seixas Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Message - Melhor IDE
Melhor ide do mundo
SJM Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland Message
Eclipse the "eierlegende Wollmilchsau"! :D
Marcio Hiroyuki Miyamoto Santo Andr�, Brasil Message
Hello world! in Eclipse Ganymede of course!
Emiel van Rooijen Amsterdam, Netherlands Blog - Eclipse Ganymede w00t DTP review!
Victor Tavares Jo�o Pessoa, Brazil Message
Very Good! Congratulations to Eclipse Team.
Radoslaw Urbas Krakow, Poland Blog - Radek's tech blog
It looks like release 3.4 is moving Eclipse into the right direction.
Guy Nirpaz Tel Aviv, Israel Blog - New Gadget - Eclipse Ganymede
Hector Duarte Hidalgo Del Parral, Mexico Message - Eclipse para m�viles
Yo utilizo Eclipse para desarrollar software para m�viles, es una muy buena herramienta!!
Sabine Miehlbradt Kassel, Deutschland Blog - Eclipse Ganymede
sylvain m la madeleine, france Blog - /
Julio Gesser Blumenau, Brazil Message - Eclipse rules
Eclipse is the best IDE!
Michael Imamura Atlanta, USA Message
Been waiting a long for this release! It's great to be able to use the same IDE on so many platforms.
Mono Blumenau, Brazil Message
Need this chuncho
Bruno Emanuel S�o Luis, Brazil Message - Sr
J� estou atualizando..
Michael Finger Salt Lake City, USA Message
Arun Gupta Santa Clara, USA Blog - GlassFish on Eclipse Ganymede
Jose Luis Ramirez Terry Alicante, Espa�a Blog - I2E
Increible, un IDE as� open source... Sin comentarios
Ivan Alejandro Flores Correa Santiago, Chile Blog - Slacker-Linux
Francisco Collao Santiago, Chile Blog -
Vikas Mayur Yamunanagar, India Message
Thanks and Congratulations to Eclipse community !
GUAY Fr�d�ric Val d'europe, France Message
Good luck !
Xavier Haas Paris, France Message
As always in time with the quality and the new features. Well done folks.
Oleg Chernenko Kyiv, Ukraine Message
It's slower then 3.3 on the same machine and the same jre. Looking forward to performance improvements
Peter Pilgrim London, England Message -
Congratulations to the Eclipse team on releasing Ganymede. JAVAWUG President, Founder and Organiser. Sun Java Champion
Henrique Fernandes Lisbon, Portugal Message
eclipse rocks!
Radu Bretean Timisoara, Romania Message
Eclipse is great. Good work guys! :))
Paolo Bacchilega Salerno, Italy Message
I use Eclipse for C, Ruby, HTML and Javascript development. Ciao and thanks for your hard work !!!
Bustanil Arifin Jakarta, Indonesia Message
Eclipse 3.4 rocks! It has a lot of new stuff to be explored.
Vladimir V. Babushkin Perm, Russia Message
Using Eclipse IDE since 2004. Fast IDE for J2EE develop. Using Eclipse Ganymede from 5th June. So match new features. Very useful for java developers: * Extract class refactoring * New quick assists and more other Thanks.
Habin Trivandrum, India Recording - /
Cookie Seoul, South Korea Message - Hello
Harichandra Reddy N Hyderabad, India Message - Java Script dedugging ?
I recently attended the Eclipse ganymede Democamp in Hyderabad ,I attended the democamp to know whether this release support javascript debugging, they said a firm NO,which disapponted me,I want javscript debugging in eclipse what should i do
Quan YIN Changsha, China Message
You guys are doing wonderful jobs!
Kiran Kumar Hyderabad, India Blog -
Ashish Vijaywargiya Indore, India Message
Using Eclipse Ganymede from 25th June and Enjoying its new feature very much. I am a committer of Apache Ofbiz Project ( and using Eclipse since 2003. Very fast and light weight IDE. Eclipse made my life easier. Thanks.
Mark Louie De Castro Pasig City, Philippines Message - Facts about Ganymede
Did you know that Ganymede is another Jupiter satellite? Ganymede's orbit doubles Europa's. Europa has been very useful.. but, Lo and behold, welcome! Ganymede.
Brad Wellington, New Zealand Message - subversive worth it?
Ganymede looks nice - just installed. Subversive has issues though - where can anyone find the connectors?!
Chris Kwon Seoul, South Korea Blog - Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede ���� ������ !
Eclipse Rules!
Yohann CIURLIK Rouen, France Blog - Eclipse 3.4 nom de code Ganymede
Pour continuer dans la lanc�e des nouveaut�s logiciels, je vous annonce la sortie de la nouvelle version d�Eclipse Ganymede 3.4.
El tecn�loco bs as, argenitna Blog - Tecnoloco
Excelente herramienta, no seriamos nada si esta
Pedro Fortaleza, Brazil Blog -
Alisson Gomes Guanambi, Brazil Message - Ecosystem Eclipse wonderful
Release the fantastic new Eclipse Ganymede. Incredible as eclipse.
Osvaldo N. R. Arguello Mexico City, Mexico Message - I use Eclipse for PHP development
9 mounths ago, I intalled Eclipse Europa with PHP plugin and I could see the power of the editor and another tools integrated in Eclipse, now I download Ganymede release to continue be Eclipse user.
Girish Pandit Pennington, USA Blog -
Allan Hosken Belo Horizonte, Brazil Message
Cada vez melhor!
Stuart Moffatt Salt Lake City, USA Message - Ganymede for Disaster Management
I am using Eclipse to develop software for all phases of disaster management.
Revert To Console Boston, USA Blog - Eclipse Ganymede Review -- Bloated and dissappointing
Eclipse Ganymede Review -- Bloated and dissappointing
willy oruro, oruro Message - Saludos a la comunidad
Aqui chochos por la nueva version de eclipse 3.4
Kor GRENOBLE, France Message
Eclipse rulezzzz
Dirk Ruediger Rostock, Germany Blog - Ich bin ein Freund von Eclipse :-)
I did it: After using Eclipse for a couple of years, I decided to become a friend of eclipse just in time with the ganymede release.
Hui chen Palo Alto, USA Message
Great Product!
Axel Knauf Frankfurt, Germany Message - Ganymede for teh win!
Thanks guys for this great new release! Can't get the grin out of my face since yesterday!
Francesco Chiodo Soveria Mannelli, Italy Blog - A Web IDE with Eclipse Ganymede, Subversion and Trac
Terry Kilshaw Kelowna, Canada Blog -
Used with Java, SnappMX and MySQL
Shailesh Kumar S Bangalore, India Message - Love Eclipse
I love working on Java. Its an amzing technology, so i do use Eclipse. Its awesome IDE.
outaTiME Buenos Aires, Argentina Blog - outaTiME
outaTiME rulez :P
Dave Loomis Denver, USA Blog
The SOA Tools are coming together!
Joey Sebastian Northvale, usa Message
go eclipse!
Gavin Wang Dalian, China Message - Say Hello to Eclipse again
Say Hello to Eclipse again
Ocean Wang Shanghai, China Blog -
Micha� Zielona G�ra, Poland Message
PDE, RCP, MDA - I like it:)
gr1n Lodz, Poland Message - Great!!!
I can never get enough of Eclipse ultimate editing power! Keep up the good work!
Arunagiri K Bangalore, India Message - Faster, Reliabe RCP applications by using Ganymede
Ganymede helps me to build reliable,faster,cost effective solution to the customers. Ask me, We r in the development of retail solutions. Ganymede doing a great job, especially ECF and BIRT lifts my product to another level.
Balazs Banfai Budapest, Hungary Blog - Software Engineer
Hey, we are organizing an Eclipse Demo camp!
Taboom Tampere, Finland Message
I use Ganymede at work and at home for almost all my software development.
Valtoni Boaventura Bel�m, Brasil Message - Nice Job!
Thanks about the hard work to our open community. You make the difference!
Rahul Mumbai, India Blog - Eclipse Ganymede is out
Simon kelly Cape Town, South Africa Message - Opensource pharmacy tools
We use Eclipse to develop out opensource pharmacy dispensing tool which is helping to increase the capacity of the health system in South Africa.
Spyros Athens, Greece Message
I use eclipse at work. Will try Ganymede today! (although here we're still working with 3.2!! :)
Eric Euerlings Z�rich, Switzerland Blog -
Jens K. Gie�en, Germany Blog - Eager to download
Hoping for new features in the EMF project
Melvin Vivas Manila, Philippines Blog -
eclipse rocks! :D
Vijay Mateti Hyderabad, India Blog - Mylyn is Great!
Ganymede Release is neat and sweet. Mylyn is super!
Virasak Dungsrikaew Ko Samui, Thailand Message
I love the new JDT
Reto M. Kiefer Wiesbaden, Germany Blog - Code is Lyric
Congratulations to all involved people. I am using Eclipse for years and it simply rocks!
Nicod�me Cyril Strasbourg, France Blog -
Used for Web developpement. Eclipse is a great IDE for developping applications ! :)
Enrico Lefass Berlin, Germany Message
An IDE that's rock solid and up to date!
Markus Majer Ingersheim, Germany Message
Eclipse rocks! Not only the best IDE for Java Development, but with PyDev and Aptana also for Python and Web Programming! Keep up the good work!
Philipp Bouillon 52351 D�ren, Germany Message
What I like is coding programs. What I love is developing outstanding software with Ganymede. It makes complex things manageable -- and simply fun!
Iosev Perez Rivero La Habana, Cuba Message
Todo sobre Eclipse IDE.
Luiz Almeida Santos, Brazil Message
Hi Guys. Hello Brazil. Since Europa, eclipse became the best ever java IDE.
Marc Lester Tan Manila, Philippines Message - Hayup
Hanep ang eclipse mga repapips
Pavanesh Bangalore, India Blog
redefined ganymede
Adrian San Juan Manila, Philippines Message - Ganymede vs. Europa
We've been using Europa for quite a while now and we're quite happy with it. I'm looking at Ganymede now as possible upgrade to Europa.
kamanashis Roy Dhaka, Bangladesh Message - MiniIM development
Hi, I am using it in writing j2me application :)
Paul Michael Laborte Pasig, Philippines Blog - Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede) - Managing Extension Locations
Luis Gustavo Lira Lima, Peru Blog - Ganymede RCP
post on my blog
Lokesh k Nanjangud, India Message
New Ganymede is very simple to use.
Praveen Banglore, India Message
I am using Ganymede RC4 on linux platform it makes life so easy.I belive its will be a great success
rajuhd Mysore, India Message
Im upgrading my old version to a new version..
Jean-Francois Briere Quebec, Canada Message
I'm with you since 1.0. Great work guys!
Mehmet Bilgi Reno, US Message - Congrats !
3 years in a row! Congrats to Eclipse team for this amazing platform.
Raishad Maharaj Arlington, USA Blog - Gany-awesome!
Thanks Eclipse, for making my life easier.
kenn beijing, china Message
Dimitar Dyankov Santa Barbara, USA Blog - Eclipse Ganymede
Dzerjinski Lemos Luanda, Angola Message
Estou a utilizar o eclipse para todo o desenvolvimento feito na minha empresa, porque "Eclipse Rocks"
Daniel Montreal, Canada Message
I love Eclipse!
Thiago Moretto Campo Grande, Brazil Message
Eclipse forever!
Izzet Mustafayev Kyiv, Ukraine Blog
Eclipse is mega great stuff
Emerson S�o Paulo, Brazil Message
Really good! But sysdeo tomcat plugin dont work!
Dmitry Shkil Kyiv, Ukraine Message
Eclipse is great!
Patrick Boucherville, Canada Message
Houra !
Mittal Philadelphia, US Blog - Mittal Java Blogs
Aleksandr Liepaja, Latvia Message - Eclipse
We used to develop all our stuff with the help of this project. It delivers us the great opportunity in all the way we like. Many many thanks to all the developers who take a part in this GREAT project. Thank you!:)
Osty Leon Caracas, Venezuela Blog -
Congratulations to the Eclipse Foundation.
Abdrabba Tassine Hammam-Lif, Tunisia Message - Good Work
I'm very pleased with the improvements, It's great to work on Eclipse, Keep it up ;)
Sadhasivam Cranberry Twp, USA Message
Personal / Project Development
Alexander Ramos Jardim Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Message - Developer
I am using Ganymede to develop integration plataforms for our clients. I t's cool to work with the newest and greatest Eclipse as we get enhanced features and more embedded plugins!
ArtjomA Riga, Latvija Message
Hi folks ! Eclipse rules ! +1
Peter Hendriks Den Bosch, Netherlands Blog - Eclipse Ganymede out today
Paul Davis San Bruno, USA Blog - A Review of Eclipse Ganymede
Kriszti�n Szab� Budapest, Hungary Blog -
vojimir golem split, Croatia Blog - What I like about Eclipse 3.4 JDT
Thomas Boshell Fulda, Germany Blog - The Eclipse version 3.4 (Ganymede) is officially out
I like the new P2. It starts faster than the old way and groups both the installed and updating options. It is a bit more logical. This means that I will have to learn the new tricks and such but that is what makes it fun!
Jeff Troy, United States Blog - Jeff's Search Engine Caffe
Ganymede rocks for search engine development!
Marcos Silva Pereira Recife, Brazil Message - Melhor ainda.
Incr�vel como o Eclipse consegue ficar melhor ainda.
Michal Margiel Warsaw, Poland Blog - Eclipse Ganymede is here!!!
Luis Santos Lisboa, Portugal Blog - Eclipse Ganymede
Jure Repinc Bohinjska Bistrica, Slovenia Message
I'm using Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede for C++/Qt4 development.
cfly beijing, China Message - excellent
hope fix more bugs
Jason Hocker Centreville, 20121 Message
Using for personal java development.
Adrian B. Plattling, Germany Message - Thank you
I am using it for Java SE/ActionScript/C++ Development!
J�r�mie Gottero Lyon, France Message
Simply the best :)
Brian Jakubik Allen, US Message
Thanks for another great release!
Mz Omarjee Johannesburg, South Africa Blog - Innovativ
The integration and web service capabilities in Eclipse are awesome. Our entire banking j2ee development team standardised on the ecipse platform.
Jeff Porter Leamington Spa, UK Message - Eager for the new release!
I'm eager for the new release! Its been the 25th in the UK for hours, come on! ;-)
richion shanghai, China Message -
come on!ganymede
Chris Darmstadt, Germany Message
We love Eclipse.
Roger Franco da Rocha, Brazil Message - Happy
This is so amazing
Jeff Porter Leamington Spa, UK Message - Eager for the new release!
I'm eager for the new release! Its been the 25th in the UK for hours now!, come on ;-)
Bartlomiej Nogiec Katowice, Poland Message -
I'm using Eclipse everyday at work and home! :)
Patrick Gell M�nchen, Germany Message
I use Eclispe for Java and RCP development
Nick Wiedenbr�ck Lippstadt, Germany Blog -
Aleksandr Zdanevich Yalta, Ukraine Message - Programmer
I'm using Eclipse for a year. I lite it very much, the best open source IDE for Java developers.
DongGuk Lee Seoul, South Korea Blog -
Abhijit Dhariya Pune, India Message
New modeling stuff in RC4 is really good.
Denis Robert Hamilton, Bermuda Message
Welcome Ganymede! Hope P2 works out!!! :-)
Alejandro Valencia, Spain Message - Uno de los mejores IDEs!!!
Un saludo desde el instituto de rob�tica (Univ. de Valencia)
Sautner Blumenau, Brasil Message - :)
Eclipse - "The Only IDE You Need" :)
Chinmay Kant Nagpur, India Message
Eclipse is most Powerful Java IDE. Looking from Ganymede Edition, a robust powerful IDE and a Framework to create different Applications which will help people to create, manage and market the application with ease of time, manpower and money
Moritz Winter Darmstadt, Germany Message - Ganymede
Wonder how to get Ganymede without beeing a friend now?
Vladimir Vitkov Sofia, Bulgaria Message - Proud Supporter
Though i don't use much eclipse i am proud to be supporting and operating the newest rclipse mirror in Bulgaria. Feel free to hit it hard on release days, It will take the load :)
Hendrik Maryns Tübingen, Germany Blog - Eclipse 64 bit on Suse
Still a lot of work to do to provide Eclipse as rpms. It simply doesn’t work for me.
Gu�mundur Bjarni �lafsson Kongens Lyngby, Denmark Blog - Student
Fabio Aprile Monopoli, Italy Message
Hy guys, I luv Eclipse, great works. Puglia forever
Tim Wlcek Linz, Austria Message
I'm a daily user of eclipse and I'm really looking forward to the Ganymede release!!
joed Qionghai, China Blog -
Stefano Vicenza, Italy Message - Cool
Cool, today is 25 june... good new for us!
Vincenzo Cappello Corbetta, Italy Blog - kapo-cpp
Tobias Grueninger Erlangen, Germany Message - Downloaded
Just downloaded and now installine Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine Message
Matteo Combi Milan, Italy Message
carlo Padova, Italy Message
Erdal Karaca Oldenburg, Germany Message
Kevin Wan Shanghai, China Blog - Nice Ganymede
Perfect Ganymede
Vibhav Sharma Gurgaon, India Message -
The 'Everybody's IDE' ... continues to roll.
Yulin Wang Shanghai, China Blog - Display multi-dimension data with BIRT chart
BIRT added Cross tab support in 2.2 release to display multi-dimension data. In 2.3 release, it's possible to display data with chart.
Andrey Zdorovtsov Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine Message
We develop ERP system for Heat energy distribution company using Ganymede RCP.
Darek Krak�w, Poland Blog - Eclipse Ganymede - nadchodzi kosmiczny kombajn
Ram Sunnyvale, USA Message - Eclipse rocks
Every release makes it more interesting to work with.
Razvan Gliga Bucharest, Romania Message
Thank you!!!!!!!
Jaro Kuruc London, United Kingdom Blog - Eclipse Ganymede je tu
Keep up the good work!
HariChandra Reddy Hyderabad, India Message - BIRT is Amaging
Ganymede is fabulous with its BIRT reporting tool, I am really thankful to Ganymede team which made simple and easy with BIRT My congrats to Eclipse ganymede team
Cristian Popovici Timisoara, Romania Message - Excellent job!
Eclipse rules :-)
HariChandra Reddy Hyderabad, India Message - Made my work easy and Efficient, Really Amazing stuff
I looked at ganymede for a pluin for opening the .html/.jsp page with browser(IE,Mozilla,netscape..)of my choice by inserting a browser plug inn,so that my testing on different browsers will be easy,I want to publish browser support for every small change
AminDZ Setif, Algeria Message
Ganymede the IDE of the Planet, Thanx Eclipse!
AminDZ Ras El Oued, Algeria Message
Ganymede The IDE of the Planet, thanx Eclipse.
Lin Yong Shanghai, China Message -
Wonderful, definitely will download it.....
Baoli Wang shenyang, china Message
A prefect Tool
Shalom Crown Petach Tikva, Israel Message - The everything IDE
I need an IDE that I can use for the following: Verilog J2SE applications J2EE Applications C/C++ Applications Embedded code Looks like Eclipse can do all this!
Shyam Kumar S K Chennai, India Message - Ganymede - Next generation evolves...
Sixth generation of computing is going to be known for all on june 25, 2008.
bo FuZhou, China Message
cannot wait the publish of the new version... refresh the website every hour. lol
juan manuel kelsy romero monter�a, Colombia Message
Excelente muchachos, gracias por hacer divertido nuestras vidas de programadores
Arijit Kolkata, India Message
I will use Ganymede for development. I do believe this will be a great success.
Sandesh Jagdale Pune, India Message
Welcome Ganymede, I am extremely impressed with the Mylyn functionality. I am investigating its usage in our offshore delivery context to improve code delivery productivity.
Yuejie shanghai, china Message
so, it is time to get e4 starting?
Yuejie shanghai, china Message
hello ganymede
Robert Szymczak Chicago, USA Message -
Cool stuff - a real competitor to NetBeans!
Su Liquan shanghai, China Message
Great! I will try it soon.
Ricardo Cavalcanti Recife, Brazil Message - Congrats
Novas funcionalidades, melhorias em performance. N�o podia ser diferente nesse release. Parab�ns ao Eclipse team!
Marek Zielona Gora, Poland Message
Hi'ya from Polska!
Tim Fiedler Rastede, Deutschland Message
Hello from Rastede
Michal Margiel Warsaw, Poland Blog - Migrating shortcuts
Description how to migrate settings between eclipse instances.
Glenn Gilbert Wellington, New Zealand Message - RCP & web dev
Great work, a real solid release with great features.
Denis Zjukow Minsk, Belarus Message - Eclipse
Waiting for Ganymede.
Tomasz Lodz, Poland Message - Eclipse user
I'm using Eclipse at work and at home mainly for Java development. :)
Eric Rizzo Tampa, United States Blog - Imminent Cosmic Collision: You and Eclipse Ganymede
Gundamdriver Hong Kong, China Message - Great IDE
Great IDE for programming!
mingyu dalian, china Blog
hello everyone, i love eclipse, it's such a nice IDE
Pavel Petrochenko Novosibirsk, Russia Message
P2 provisioning is a big step in Eclipse evolution.
Marcelo Sousa Ancelmo Brasilia, Brazil Blog - Ganymede
Congratulations to the Eclipse Foundation.
Felipe Lang Esperanza, Argentina Blog - Review de Eclipse Ganymede
This is my review of the new Eclipse Ganymede
Darek Krakow, Poland Blog - dev garden
Juan Madrid, Spain Message
At last ! It'll rock :)
Zviki Cohen Tel Aviv, Israel Blog - Eclipse 3.4 Hidden Treasures
Shravan Singh Mumbai, India Message
//stp/ this has made my life. Thanks eclipse for these wonderful moons.
Dong Jiangbo NanJing, China Message - ��ʼEclipse3.4
�������õ��Ǽ� ����tptp��soa�����������о��dz�����
Alexander Thurow Stuttgart, Germany Message - Team Lead Software Development
Greetings from the German Eclipse code camp!
Cyril Faucher Rennes, France Message - Ecore Tools Fan
I appreciated all the work around the Ecore graphical editor. Merging of references, views, search...
Patrik Jansson Uppsala, Sweden Message
I'm using Eclipse both privately and at work. Ganymede is already installed at home and I will encourage my co-workers to download Ganymede too as soon it's released.
Eike Stepper Berlin, Germany Message - CDO Model Repository
Eclipse is the best platform to build open and extensible software on!
Ron Bermejo Singapore, Singapore Message
Shout-out to Doug & the rest of the CDT team for the well-improved CDT in Ganymede!
Cheng Pang Auckland, New Zealand Recording - Dr.
Velar Auckland, New Zealand Blog - Dr.
Daniel Spiewak Watertown, USA Blog -
Gotta love JDT. Of course, where would we be without Equinox?
Jakub Jurkiewicz Pozna�, Poland Blog - Co nowego nas czeka w Eclipse Ganymede 3.4?
Michal Margiel Warsaw, Poland Blog - Eclipse in shorts
List of my favorit shortcuts in eclipse
Lucky Jakarta, Indonesia Message
I've been using eclipse for most of my software development. Can't wait for the GA of Ganymede
gary thompson leeds, uk Blog - Looking for the Wood not the Trees
Anand Nashville, USA Message - Ganymede is powerful and cool
Ganymede has all the makings of becoming the 'Cup Bearer' for Java Development projects
Fawad Halim Addison, USA Message
Loving the JDT enhancements!
Lahiru Sandakith Gallege Colombo, Sri Lanka Blog - Eclipse Ganymede Poster Contest
Next Eclipse WTP 3.0 Poster Contest You can vote from here, //ganymede/postercontest.php There are some cool stuff to look at, Enjoy !!
Tapiwa Kelvin Gaborone, Botswana Message
Using Europa for web developemnt & I'm thinking "can this be topped?". Cant wait to see.
Rohit Pradeep Tandale Pune, India Message - Genemede Intresenting Facts
Ganymede ("GAN uh meed") is the seventh and largest of Jupiter's known satellites. Ganymede is the third of the Galilean moons. orbit: 1,070,000 km from Jupiter diameter: 5262 km mass: 1.48e23 kg Ganymede was a Tro
Emanuel Graf Stadel, Switzerland Blog - Eclipse Ganymede: Neues im CDT 5.0
Ali Alauoubiy Edinburgh, UK Blog - Mr
ANCiT COIMBATORE, INDIA Blog - Workbench-View
Hong Chang Lin Shanghai, China Message
It is time to say an annual "Bravo!" to Eclipse.
Bouchet Reze, France Message - Can't wait !
Working with Eclipse since 1.0, i can't wait for this new exiting release !
Manet Yim Sydney, Australia Message
I first used eclipse since 2004 and I am still using it. Why? It's the most efficient tool out of all.
Pedro warszawa, Poland Blog - Eclipse Ganymede is coming
Feature review on Mac Os with old post about Ganymede
Ali Burak KULAKLI Izmir, Turkey Blog -
Congratulations to all people involved in this release and thank you for bringing us such an unbelievable software.
Simon Kagstrom Stockholm, Sweden Blog - Simon Kagstroms blog
Richard Ikeda Brazil, Curitiba Blog - Vista Cega
O eclipse est� cada vez melhor, e a cada release s� temos melhoras e facilita��es para desenvolvedores. Tks Eclipse
Richard Ikeda Brazil, Curitiba Blog - Ganymede
O eclipse est� cada vez melhor, a cada release s� temos melhoras e facilita��es para desenvolvedores. Tks Eclipse
Alexandre Versailles, France Message
Well, it all started the day before today. I remember it just like it was yesturday
Pablo Rogina Memphis, USA Blog - Review of Eclipse Modeling Tools in Ganymede
I'm using Eclipse for my day to day C/C++ development. It improved my productivity, so I expect to even do more with Ganymede. In the future I'll like to use Eclipse as my development environment for ARM development.
Ed Merks Ballantrae, Canada Blog - Was Gany Good to You?
Daniel Ziegenberg Windischgarsten, Austria Message - "Everyday & Everywhere" - Usage
Used for writin LaTeX for school, developing C++ for school, developing Java for Contests and OCR Projects, desinged Homepages on it and still many features to explore!
Radoslav Gerganov Sofia, Bulgaria Message
Hello from Eclipse DemoCamp Sofia!
Thomas Einwaller Linz, Austria Blog - Eclipse Ganymede release - my favorite new features
I am using Eclipse now since version 2 nearly every day ;-) Great work!
Wu Yiqun Shanghai, China Message
Using eclipse since version 1.0 and waiting 3.4, 4.0...
S�bastien Let�li� Paris, France Blog -
Lon life to Eclipse a very powerful and rich open source never exists
Minh Le Ngoc Hanoi, Vietnam Message
Valdir Florian�polis, Brazil Message
I was needing the SOA Tools, but I didn't have the dependencies. With Ganymede, I got this tool easily.
Brice Laurencin Grenoble, France Message
All hope lies in Eclipse.
FuGui lasa, China Blog -
Cypal Solutions Coimbatore, India Blog - Tips on Ganymede http://blog.
David Killen Mudgee, Australia Message -
I've recently began using Ganymede and love it. It really is a complete development environment. I now have a single environment which integrates all the tools that I need.
Massimiliano Federici Leeds, UK Message - Sempre meglio
It keeps getting better with every release. Looking forward for the Ganymede release!
Emiliano Ortner Capital Federal, Argentina Message
Es mas importante conocer los shortcuts de ganymede, que saber Java.
Pablo Rogina Memphis, USA Message - Eclipse IDE for C/C++
I'm using Eclipse for my day to day C/C++ development. It improved my productivity, so I expect to even do more with Ganymede. In the future I'll like to use Eclipse as my development environment for ARM development.
Luis G. Lira Lima, Peru Blog - SciTechBizDev
Eclipse Ganymede RCP
Cheng-Hung Chou Newton, US Message
mathica Seoul, South Korea Message - Good~
Can't wait until 25th.. Eclipse, you are the best~
Gary Napier Glasgow, UK Message - Simply the Best
Eclipse keeps on delivering the most complete IDE imaginable. The ECORE tools astound me. Keep up the great work. All the best, Gary
Gaurav Kohli Pune, India Message - Helleo
Get going...
cryin9Devil Tunis, Tunisia Message
Good works gays, Keep that whay.
PeterD Adelaide, Australia Message
Ganymede and WTP help to free us from Borland...
Jochen Krause Karlsruhe, Germany Message - RAP brings Ajax to Eclipse RCP
The Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) employs an architecture and usage similar the Rich Client Platform (RCP) and offers developers the opportunity to web-enable their RCP-Applications and enhance them with AJAX technology.
Adrian Ionica Buftea, Romania Message
You people eclipse the other IDEs!!!
Pavel Lysyanskiy Odessa, Ukraine Message
will wait for Ganymede
Skud Canberra, Australia Blog - Props my all-in-one IDE
Have been using RC1 for sometime. Cant wait for the GA.
Zaw Aung Wellington, New Zealand Message
I use Eclipse IDE for my work. I've been using Eclipse since 2005 and I can't see I'll be jumping to another IDE. I'm loving it! Thanks, Zaw Aung
Tom Lee Singapore, Singapore Message - Eclipse's Great
Can't wait for Ganymede to be GA.
papa beijing, china Message
i'm a eclipse plugin developer
Jaco Greyling Melbourne, Australia Message - Eclipse & GIS
Stable and practical
Kazimierz Pogoda Szczecin, Poland Blog - Eclipse Ganymede - rejoicing in virility
Ganymede installation experiences and some associated philosophical remarks.
Alex Lee Seoul, South Korea Message - Hooray !!!
Ganymede is beautiful, more powerful, faster... so.. I love it...
Lukasz Lenart Warszawa, POLAND Blog - Eclipse RCP - krok 3
Krok 3 w tworzeniu aplikacji RCP
Pascal Rapaz Monthey, Switzerland Blog -
Everiday... Everytime!
George Marshall Chicago, USA Message - Ganymede and the automated tests
In my company we have started to implement an automated framework for testing web applications as well as native swing applications. We plan on leveraging the following features of Ganymede - The data tools platform for development of the data model of
Tracy Coomes Montgomery, USA Message - no time
saves me time and is a great tool
arron shenzhen, china Message
l like it!
Nicholas Loulloudes Nicosia, Cyprus Message - Review of Ganymede at Nicosia, Cyprus
Downloading now Ganymede Release Candidate.. Looking forward to test it. A full review will follow shortly.
SergeyA Sevastopol, Ukraine Message
It looks cool Thanks guys.
Tobias Buhr Aachen, Germany Message - Upcoming release: Ganymede
Same procedure as every year: It gets warmer and warmer in Europe, even in germany, so I count days to the final release of a new, great Eclipse version, yielding many new features, that make developers work so pleasant. Keep on!
Tobis Sevastopol, Ukraine Message
Did not see Ganymede, but wish to.
Sergiy Goncharenko Sevastopol, Ukraine Message
Eclipse, we are with you!
Roman Ivanov Sevastopol, Ukraine Message
Eclipse rules!
Zhi Gan BeiJing, China Blog - Subversive becomes an Eclipse project
Subclipse is my favorite plugin. And I'll like to try subversive in near future.
David Carter St. John's, Canada Message -
Used for C/C++ and Java development. In the future, I hope to link the TPTP tools to the ARM4 agent.
Anoop Kumar Kurian Bangalore, India Message - Eclipse Ganymede
Eclipse Europa already showing great performance,faster and support for new technologies like JSF,SOA etc I wish Eclipse Ganymede will do better in following areas 1.Ant support 2.Web Application debugging 3.Plugins For more Reporting tools like Jasper
Tankut Koray Ankara, Turkey Blog -
G�rge Albrecht Vienna, Austria Message
My team is looking forward to Ganymede: To all the cool extension to the IDE (breadcrumb, junit execution time, plugin spy, call hierachy improvements) and the helpful features for RCP development (p2, log view enhancements) to name only a few. Thanks in
Trevor Kaufman Cambridge, Canada Message - Eclipse rocks!
Eclipse makes something like DepCon (see link) possible for a student like me!
Fredrik Attebrant Stockholm, Sweden Message
p2izing stuff
Thomas Borkert Kaarst, Germany Message
Eclipse is cool!
Roman_Eremeev Protvino, Russia Blog - Confex Project
Etienne Lacombe Los Angeles, US Message
Ekkehard Gentz Rosenheim, Germany Blog - Eclipse Ganymede - IDE and platform
the english version of my blog about upcoming Ganymede release of eclipse.
Ekkehard Gentz Rosenheim, Germany Blog - Eclipse Ganymede - IDE und Plattform (german)
the german version of my blog about upcoming Ganymede release of eclipse.
sk Protvino, Russia Blog -
lucas bigeardel mougins, france Blog - Ganymede + Modeling = Wonder
Proud to share ganymede stuff with the rest of the world ! Hope it will make software development easier and faster.
Marconi Lanna Belo Horizonte, Brazil Message
Estou usando o Eclipse como plataforma (e IDE) para o desenvolvimento de parte da minha tese. Devido a uma nova API essencial para a minha pesquisa, precisei usar, em ambiente de producao, todas versoes do Ganymede desde a 3.4M3, lancada em novembro passa
Milin Kochi, India Message
Ganymede - The total 'Eclipse' of 'Sun' has just begun on June the 25th ...
Henrik J�nsson H�ssleholm, Sverige Message - Henrik J�nsson
Eclipse rules! Greatings from Sweden.
Karthikeyan.K.S Bentonville, USA Message
Just downloaded the Ganymede. I will using this tool for a J2EE application and expect to support more on XML and JSP tags
Mariusz Nosinski Koscierzyna, Poland Message - Eclipse Happy User
I'm using Eclipse everyday, at work and at home - for RCP and J2EE Development. The Best IDE ever.
Emiel van Rooijen Amsterdam, Netherlands Blog - Eclipse Ganymede RC3 and the JBoss WTP Plugin
Andrey Platov Novosibirsk, Russia Message - Ganymede and Ruby
Ruby support in Eclipse becomes great with Ganymede!
Fabio Collini Prato, Italia Blog - Sviluppo in javascript con eclipse Ganymede
Nick Boldt Scarborough, Canada Blog - Ganymede Poster Contest
Show off your Ganymede love and Photoshop/GIMP skills!
Syed Sajid Hussain Shah Hagen, Germany Blog -
I look forward to the Ganymede full release. Best of Luck
Syed Sajid Hussain Shah Hagen, Germany Message - Eclipse Ganymede
I have used the Sip version of Eclipse Ganymede. I liked Eclipse Communication F ramework and I am using it. Also the new features like breadcrumb navigation, enhanced debug hovering, highlighted read and write of variables just to name a few.
Kannan Kartha Hyderabad, India Blog - Tech Stop
It's been fun using Eclipse and such a strong platform for Java and other languages.
Ivan Larionov Kyiv, Ukraine Message - Eclipse rules!
Waiting impatiently for Ganymede release.
Christian Voller Graz, Austria Message
We are using Ganymede as a Developing System for all JEE Stuff... Greets from Euro2008 - Austria:-)
Wei wuhan, China Message
I am eager to got the release of Ganymede. Eclipse is my favorite IDE. And by now I can not live without it.
Colin Fowler Dublin, Ireland Message
It keeps getting better and better. Very happy Eclipse/CDT user for a few years now. Looking forward to Ganymede!
Scott Lewis Portland, USA Blog - Eclipse Communication Framework
I'm the project lead for ECF, the Eclipse Communication Framework. I'm hoping people appreciate what ECF already provides, and ask for more at //ecf.
Torkild U. Resheim Trondheim, Norway Message
Ganymede is great! I particularly like the CDT and PDE improvements. Still struggling with p2 though, but things are bound to improve. Thank you for all the good work!
David Goodenough Haddenham, England Recording - Director
User of Eclipse since it took over from Visual Age for Java.
Q. Alex Zhao Seattle, U.S.A. Message
Can't live without Eclipse!
Gernot Krost Köln, Germany Blog - Ganymede is coming!
just a banner for the moment, i'm still evaluating ... Greetings from Cologne, Gernot
Beth Tibbitts Lexington, United States Message
Congrats Eclipse/Ganymede and CDT 5.0!
Daniel Selman Paris, France Blog -
My fingers are crossed! Good luck guys. :-)
Yusuf Baker Johannesburg, South Africa Blog - RIA down south
Hello All Just to let you guys know, us south Africans like to use Eclipse with Flexbuilder from Adobe
Juan M. Tula Capital Federal, Argentina Message
Se espera con ansia un nuevo release de esta fant�stica herramienta, que no puede quedar fuera del repertorio de ning�n Java Developer. Excelente trabajo, sigan as�!
Emiel van Rooijen Amsterdam, Netherlands Blog - Server Runtime Problems in Eclispe Ganymede RC2
Jorge Hidalgo M�laga, Spain Message
After using Eclipse for years, I definitely fell in love with Callisto, got engaged with Europa, and married with Ganymede! What's the big difference between Eclipse and other IDE's? It's not just for Java, the best refactoring I've ever seen, and it's pr
Alexander F�rstenau Hamburg, Germany Message
I'm looking forward to download the new release. The last RC was almost perfect.
Thomas Hallgren Stockholm, Sweden Blog - Eclipse on my mind
Ey�un Nielsen T�rshavn, Faroe Islands Message - Greetings to all celebrating Ganymede
I've been using Eclipse since 2.0 and I'm as always looking forward for the yearly release arriving like clockwork. It's an really impressive process... So thank you all.
Ralf Wagner Siegen, Germany Blog - NotJustJava
Ganymede Go!
Jan Hoppe Kiel, Germany Recording - Time saving IDE
Ganymede does enhance programming speed
Zhongbo Li Shanghai, China Blog - ���鱨����Eclipse BIRT���еı߿���ʽ
Eclipse �����°汾 GanyMede �����˰��鱨����Eclipse IDE for Report Developers��������֧����һЩ�µı߿���ʽ��
Chris Aniszczyk Austin, USA Blog - It's great to see Ganymede out the door! :)
Emanuele Ziglioli Wellington, New Zealand Blog - Ziglio's Techno Blog
Currently appreciating the new P2 update manager!
Sotiri Bonanos Norwich, United Kingdom Message
Keep up the good work!
Albert Leimueller Graz, Austria Message
Hi, I am a software development student and I am looking forward to the release of Ganymede. For me Eclipse is the best software in the world and it's getting better and better! Keep up the good work!
Tom Schindl Innsbruck, Austria Blog -
Mikkel Andersen Vejle, Denmark Blog -
Henrik Lindberg Stockholm, Sweden Message
Writing even more Eclipse stuff :)
Eugene Kuleshov Toronto, Canada Blog - Euxx
Vikram Vancouver, Canada Message
Eclipse keeps getting better with every release. Good job, guys!!!
Cole Markham College Station, USA Message
We use Eclipse for all our development and as the basis for our RCP application. I have been testing the Ganymede milestone releases and love the new features. Can't wait to roll them into our product.
Andrzej Raczkowski Wroclaw, Polska Blog - blogx
Mateusz Warszawa, Poland Blog - Na Jawie
Thomas Kratz N�rnberg, Germany Blog - Thomas' Blog
We are keen on RCP dev
Michal Margiel Warsaw, Poland Blog - Series of articles about new features in Eclipse 3.4
I am using eclipse 3.4 from version M5. I love new features included in this release. But I still want more :)
Werner Keil Berlin, Germany Message - Ganymede on every Platform
I am using Ganymede both to test and contribute to Eclipse Babel, but also for JEE and Mobile projects.
Ronaldo Arrudas Belo Horizonte, Brasil Message -
O Eclipse tem sido um bom companheiro de desenvolvimento. No entanto, a cada novo release, todos somos surpreendidos com mais funcionalidade e facilidade no uso. Com o Ganymede, n�o poderia ser diferente. Parab�ns, Eclipse!
Lukasz Lenart Warszawa, POLAND Blog - Eclipse RCP - krok 2
Krok 2 w tworzeniu aplikacji bazującej na Eclipse RCP
Emiel van Rooijen Amsterdam, Netherlands Blog - Eclipse Ganymede RC2 Data Tools
ANCIT Coimbatore, India Blog - Chat in Ganymede
Ken WuDi Beijing, China Blog - 5Dinfo
eclipse is cool!
Mariusz Lipinski, Poland Blog - Projekt JAX-WS z użyciem Eclipse Ganymede
Jacek Laskowski Warszawa, Poland Blog - Uruchomienie projektu seamowego w Eclipse Ganymede z JBoss Tools i Geronimo Eclipse Plugin
Developing JBoss Seam applications with Eclipse Ganymede could not be easy without JBoss Tools. All is free!
Jacek Laskowski Warszawa, Poland Blog - GWT 1.5 i Eclipse Ganymede z Cypal Studio for GWT (RC6)
Eclipse, NetBeans IDE and IntelliJ go hand in hand as far as development features go. I'm glad I can use them all and pick the best depending on project requirements.
Barak Naveh Tel Aviv, Israel Blog -
Ryan Fong Pleasanton, USA Message
Our entire development team moved to Eclipse to overcome severe shortcomings in our old IDE. We now have full search capabilities across all of our projects, community support, and a wide range of new plug-ins that we keep discovering! Yay Eclipse!
Emiel van Rooijen Amsterdam, Netherlands Blog - Eclipse Ganymede RC2 First Impression
Song Sun Shenyang, China Blog -
Michael Bridgers Cary, USA Message
It rocks!!!
Mirko Stocker Zurich, Switzerland Blog - Neues in Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede
Lukasz Lenart Warszawa, POLAND Blog - Eclipse RCP - krok 1
Pierwszy krok do stworzenia aplikacji w Eclipse RCP, następne już wkr�tce
Hasitha Colombo, Sri Lanka Blog
Eclipse with it's Integrated development environment has made web development much easier.Looking forward for the Ganymede release.
Jakub Jurkiewicz Poznań, Poland Blog - Eclipse po polsku
Greetings form Poland!
Nagarjuna Sharma Bangalore, India Message - Ganymede
Its a great pleasure using eclipse, it has made my life s so easy... looking forward for new powerfull stuff in the Ganymede.
George Nikolaidis Thessaloniki, Greece Blog -
At Ergobyte Informatics we use countless Eclipse projects everyday. Each Eclipse simultaneous release since 2006 has been such a landmark, that we officialy celebrate the coming of the new Eclipse year every end of June!
Laurent Marchal Nancy, France Message - Ganymede RCP
Eclipse RCP is a powerful framework. Thanks for all the work done in Ganymede !
zejun wang dalian, China Blog -
Lars Vogel Eppelheim, Germany Message - Eclipse RCP with Ganymede
Article about writing Eclipse RCP applications with Ganymede
Ian Skerrett Ottawa, Canada Blog - Ganymede Marketing
Stephen Denne Wellington, New Zealand Blog - Datacute
Neeraj Bhsuare Pune, India Message - Message for Ganymede
Great experience experimenting with Eclipse and looking forward to experiment more on the Ganymede release.
Holger Staudacher Singen, Germany Blog - IT-Blogger gives a early Ganymede Release Review.
Michael Pellaton Oberglatt, Switzerland Message - Ganymede &More for our developers
I'm responsible for the Europa -> Ganymede transition at my employer (approx 100 installations). Plans are that our developers may enjoy Ganymede (and many cool extensions) about a week after it's release :-)
Carlus Henry Grand Rapids, USA Blog -
Aleksander Strączek Rybnik, Poland Message - just happy Eclipse user
I use Eclipse almost everyday since version 2.1. Every release better meets my needs. Thank you for great stuff.
Nicholas Chen Urbana, USA Blog - Eclipse Ganymede Features Worth Talking About
In addition to the blog post, I plan to do some short screencasts for our class that will using Eclipse Ganymede in Fall 2008 but that won't happen until Ganymede is officially released to make sure that everything (UI, help files, etc) is consistent.
Nanda Firdausi Aachen, Germany Blog - Ganymede is coming!
Lars K�dderitzsch Cologne, Germany Message - Eclipse Checkstyle Plugin greets Ganymede
I hope you won't break my update site ;-)
David Sciamma Toulouse, France Message - Ecore Tools powa !
We are organizing a Ganymede Demo Camp in Toulouse : come to share with the Eclipse community and to see Ecore Tools in action !
Jacek Pospychala Poznan, Poland Blog - eclipser-blog
Owen Charlotte, USA Blog - Linux Blog - Eclipse around the world
The Linux Blog writes about Eclipse Ganymede
Laszlo Borsos Si�fok, Hungary Message
Hi, I am an RCP developer and a happy Eclipse user from Hungary. Thanks for all the great work you put into Eclipse. Java development would not be the same without it! Cheers!
Cristian Duicu Toronto, Canada Blog -
Ganymede Around the World

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