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Jonas Helming

Dr. Jonas Helming is CEO of EclipseSource as well as consultant, trainer and software engineer. His focus is on Tools, IDEs, Modeling and web-based Tools. Jonas is an active member of the Eclipse community. He has the lead of three Eclipse projects, including Eclipse Theia and is involved in many others. Jonas is the chair of the marketing committee in the Eclipse Cloud Development working group. In 2013 and 2021, he won the Eclipse Top-Newcomer Evangelist award. He regularly publishes articles and speaks at conferences such as Jax, OOP, WJax and EclipseCon.

Toma Puljak

Toma is 22 years old and works as a Full Stack Software Developer at Codeanywhere and is also a computer science student. Even though he's young, he has been active as a developer for 6 years, working on Theia extensions for the past 4, and loves to share his knowledge with the community.

Maximilian Koegel

Dr. Maximilian Koegel is deeply involved with the Eclipse community. He is project lead and committer on several open-source projects including Maximilian is principle software architect at and CEO of EclipseSource (, where he is focused on building pragmatic (modeling) tools - web-based and desktop-based.

Matthew Khouzam

User since Callisto. I am the product manager for Eclipse Theia, OpenVSX, Eclipse Trace Compass within Ericsson and co-lead for the Eclipse Trace Compass Incubator and the project. I am a husband and a father. I am a technology enthusiast, especially in performance engineering. I enjoy cooking, biking, video game design, and woodworking. I worked in academia and industry, coordinating between large and small companies as well as university research labs. Finally, I am a great big nerd. A subject is great when engaged with enthusiasm. I am not related to Marc, he is great.

Athanasios Salamanis

Athanasios Salamanis is a software architect at the Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH) in Thessaloniki, Greece. He has been working for many years in all phases of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and has been involved in all tasks related to the execution of large-scale IT projects. He also has the privilege to guide fellow engineers and scientists through challenging engineering and research projects. Recently, Athanasios joined the Eclipse Foundation community as a committer and project lead of the OpenSmartCLIDE project.

Philip Langer

Philip Langer is a principal software architect and general manager of EclipseSource in Vienna. Since many years now, Philip has been passionate about the modeling technologies and tool platforms of the Eclipse ecosystem. More recently web-/cloud-based tool development has become one of his main focus areas. In his daily work, Philip supports organizations in building web-based domain-specific modeling and engineering tools, including graphical modeling editors, model diff/merge with Git, and much more -- all based on open-source Eclipse technologies. Philip is the project lead of the Eclipse Graphical Language Server Platform (GLSP),, and as well as a committer on Sprotty, EMF Compare, and Papyrus.

Marc Dumais

Rodrigo Pedroso Leite Pinto

Electrical engineer with a Masters in telecommunications, today working with Ericsson to do trace analysis on the cloud.

Mark Sujew

Mark is a young passionate software engineer, who’s especially interested in designing solutions for other software engineers. After joining TypeFox in early 2021, he led the development of the language engineering framework Langium and is now also a regular contributor to the Theia Cloud IDE project. Besides working on open source software, he helps businesses employ these frameworks in his role as a consultant.

Vivek Gani

Software Developer with a personal interest in composable toolkits and moving beyond apps, with 15+ years professional experience in Applications Engineering and Marketing in the hardware industry. Open to work.

Enea Guidi

Hi, my name is Enea Guidi, I'm 23 and I'm Fullstack Developer based in San Marino.

I graduated from University of Bologna in March 2022 and now I'm working with the blockchain team of BKN301 to push the adoption of accessible financial services in emerging markets.

In my free time I enjoy reading SciFi books, cooking and experimenting with the latest technologies and programming languages.

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