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Getting Started


Download the Eclipse IDE

Eclipse eTrice requires an Eclipse installation. We recommend to install eTrice on top of the latest Eclipse release.
You can visit the Eclipse release site and download the installer.

Download Eclipse

eTrice can be installed on top of any pre-packaged Eclipse IDE. But there are two Eclipse packages that might be suited in particular for your type of development together with eTrice:


Install eTrice

eTrice can be installed by the means of the Eclipse update mechanism.

You can drag the Marketplace link into your Eclipse workspace to install the latest release immediately or visit the download section below.

Latest Downloads


First Steps

The eTrice documentation contains several chapters, that are helpful for someone new to eTrice:

  • eTrice Overview
  • Introduction to the ROOM language
  • Getting Started, Tutorials and Examples

For later steps, there are many advanced topics e.g. standalone generators and ROOM concepts or other sources to check out like the newsgroup or git repository.

Latest Downloads

All downloads are provided under the terms and conditions of the Eclipse Foundation Software User Agreement unless otherwise specified.

Installation instruction can found at the documentation site.

Developer Builds

Archived Releases

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