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Install eTrice 0.4 into a running Eclipse Kepler workspace

Just drag and drop to your Eclipse Kepler workspace:


The latest eTrice releases can be found here:


The latest milestone versions of eTrice 0.4.0 (based on Kepler) can be found here:

We recommend to install eTrice on top of a Eclipse Modeling Tools installation.

Nightly Build

The eTrice nightly (dev) version (based on Luna) can be found here:

eTrice nightly builds can be installed on top of any Luna package:

  • Download and extract one of the Luna packages
  • Start Eclipse
  • Help > Install New Software...
  • Enter the eTrice Nightly Build Update Site into the 'Work with' field
  • Select all items of 'Uncategorized'
  • Accept the installation of unsigned content (the 3rd party layout library KIELER)
  • Restart
  • Done!

Please keep in mind that this is the head development version! It might be unstable and contain any kind of errors.

Standalone Generators

The C and Java generator are provided as standalone jars for download:

Used KIELER Plug-ins

The current eTrice version uses a diagram layout framework called KIELER. The version we use can be downloaded here:


This project is in the Incubation Phase.