CIF is a declarative modeling language for the specification of discrete event, timed, and hybrid systems as a collection of synchronizing automata. The CIF tooling supports the entire development process of controllers, including among others specification, supervisory controller synthesis, simulation-based validation and visualization, verification, real-time testing, and code generation. Combined they enable a synthesis-based engineering approach to efficiently and cost-effectively design and implement high-quality controllers.

CIF is one of the tools of the Eclipse ESCETâ„¢ project. Visit the project website for downloads, installation instructions, source code, general tool usage information, information on how to contribute, and more.

The Eclipse ESCET project, including the CIF language and toolset, is currently in the Incubation Phase.

eclipse incubation

You can download this manual as a PDF as well. Or use the single-page HTML version.

The documentation consists of:

A screenshot showing a CIF model and simulation:

screenshot ide