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Equinox Incubator - Server-Side

The Eclipse runtime was originally designed to support a desktop IDE but has proven to be useful in other contexts. One of the key goals of this work is to look at ways to improve server-side integration of Eclipse.

Many of the larger integration problems have been handled for Eclipse 3.2 and no new activity is planned for this release. Activity for 3.3 is still in the planning phase however as issues arise they'll be added here.

As much as possible activity occurs directly on the main Eclipse HEAD through bug reports and conversation on the equinox-dev mailing list.

Note: Should a sufficiently large sets of changes be considered the equinox-incubator "server" branch will be used however it is not currently active.

Past Activity (3.2)

OSGi URL Handler Service

  • singleton factory operations - RESOLVED - see bug 107909
  • multiplexed factories - RESOLVED - see bug 121472

Framework Configuration

  • use of system properties - RESOLVED - see bug 105851

Future Activity (3.3+)

Conditional Permission Admin

  • requires control of security manager - not currently logged

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