Example: Use model transactions in a workflow

<project default="main">
  <!-- ANT Taskdefs for ant-contrib -->
  <taskdef resource="net/sf/antcontrib/antcontrib.properties"/>  
  <target name="loadModels">
    <epsilon.emf.register file="tree.ecore"/>    
    <epsilon.emf.loadModel name="M" modelfile="tree.model" 
        metamodeluri="Tree" read="false" store="true"/>
  <target name="Transformation1">
      <model ref="M"/>
      var t : new Tree;
      t.label = 't1';
  <target name="Transformation2">
      <model ref="M"/>
      var t : new Tree;
      t.label = 't2';

  <target name="Validation1">
      <model ref="M"/>
      context Tree {
        constraint C1 {
          check : true
  <target name="Validation2">
      <model ref="M"/>
      context Tree {
        constraint C2 {
          check : true -- Switch to false to make validation fail
  <target name="Evaluation">
      <model ref="M"/>
  <target name="main" depends="loadModels">
    <runtarget target="Transformation1"/>
    <runtarget target="Validation1"/>    
        <!--Start a transaction on M so that we can roll it back later on.-->
        <epsilon.startTransaction name="Transaction1" models="M"/>
        <runtarget target="Transformation2"/>
        <runtarget target="Validation2"/>
        <!-- No errors in the validation. Commit the transaction.-->
        <epsilon.commitTransaction name="Transaction1"/>
        <!--If validation fails, roll back the transaction.-->
        <epsilon.rollbackTransaction name="Transaction1"/>
    <runtarget target="Evaluation"/>
@namespace(uri="Tree", prefix="Tree")
package Tree;

class Tree {
   val Tree[*]#parent children;
   ref Tree#children parent;
   attr String label;

Clone Epsilon's Git repository and then:

What's this?

In this example we demonstrate using the ant-contrib try/catch tasks and the Epsilon model transactions tasks to conditionally rollback changes in models modified in a workflow.

What are .emf files?

.emf files are Ecore metamodels expressed using the Emfatic textual syntax.

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