Example: Implement a GMF editor with end labels in connections using EuGENia

@namespace(uri="endlabels", prefix="endlabels")
package endlabels;

class Model {
   val Class[*] clases;
   val Association[*] asociations;

abstract class NamedElement {
   attr String name;

class Class extends NamedElement {

@gmf.link(source="source", target="target")
class Association extends NamedElement {
   ref Class source;
   ref Class target;
   attr String sourceLabel;
   attr String targetLabel;
var association = ECore!EClass.all.selectOne(c|c.name = "Association");
association.createLinkEndLabel("sourceLabel", true);
association.createLinkEndLabel("targetLabel", false);

operation ECore!EClass createLinkEndLabel(attribute:String, source:Boolean){
  var endName;
  if (source) {
    endName = "Source";
  else {
    endName = "Target";
  var labelName = self.name + endName + "Label";
  // Create the figure descriptor and the label
  var labelFigureDescriptor = 
    createFigureDescriptor(labelName + "Figure");
  var label = new GmfGraph!Label;
  label.name = labelName;
  label.text = endName;
  labelFigureDescriptor.actualFigure = label;
  // Create the diagram label
  var diagramLabel = new GmfGraph!DiagramLabel;
  diagramLabel.figure = labelFigureDescriptor;
  diagramLabel.name = labelName;
  diagramLabel.elementIcon = false;
  // Specify if the label will be placed at the beginning/end of the link
  var alignmentFacet =new GmfGraph!AlignmentFacet;
  if (source){
    alignmentFacet.alignment = GmfGraph!Alignment#END;
  else {
    alignmentFacet.alignment = GmfGraph!Alignment#BEGINNING;
  // Specify how far the label should be from the line
  var labelOffsetFacet = new GmfGraph!LabelOffsetFacet;
  labelOffsetFacet.x = 5;
  labelOffsetFacet.y = 5;
  // Create the label/attribute mapping in the .gmfmap model
  var featureLabelMapping = new GmfMap!FeatureLabelMapping;
  featureLabelMapping.diagramLabel = diagramLabel;
    selectOne(sf|sf.name = attribute));
  featureLabelMapping.readOnly = false;
  var linkMapping = GmfMap!LinkMapping.all.
    selectOne(lm|lm.domainMetaElement = self);


operation createFigureDescriptor(name : String) {
  var figureDescriptor = new GmfGraph!FigureDescriptor;
  figureDescriptor.name = name;
  return figureDescriptor;

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What's this?

In this example we use EuGENia to implement a GMF editor with end labels in connections.

What are .emf files?

.emf files are Ecore metamodels expressed using the Emfatic textual syntax.

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