Ready-to-use Eclipse Kepler (4.3) distributions containing a stable version of Epsilon (v1.1) and all its mandatory and optional dependencies. You will only need a Java Runtime Environment.

Windows 32bit Windows 64bit Mac OS X 64bit Linux 32bit Linux 64bit

Note for Windows users: Please make sure that you extract the downloaded distributions close to the root of a drive (e.g. C:/D:) as the maximum path length on Windows may not exceed 255 characters by default.


What do I do with these?

The development tools of Epsilon come as a set of Eclipse plugins and therefore, to install Epsilon you need to download and install a Java Runtime Environment and Eclipse first. The Eclipse Kepler Modeling Tools distribution contains most of the necessary prerequisites for Epsilon 1.1 and is available for the following platforms.

Windows 32bit Windows 64bit Mac OS X 64bit Linux 32bit Linux 64bit

Dependencies (optional)

Below are optional dependencies that are not pre-installed in the Eclipse Kepler Modeling Tools distribution.

DependencyUpdate siteNotes
Emfatic Untick the " Group items by category " check box
Note for Xtext and Papyrus users: Tools such as Xtext and Papyrus may bring in a version of QVTo with which GMF Tooling - and hence Eugenia - won't work. If you wish to use Xtext or Papyrus in the same installation as Eugenia, you should use QVTo 3.9.1 from this update site:

EpsilonLabs (optional)

Some of the projects found in the EpsilonLabs repository can be installed from the EpsilonLabs update site.


The source code of Epsilon is stored in the following Git repository.

Release tag

Note: If you need to modify and re-build the parsers of the Epsilon languages, you will also need to clone the following repository next to the Epsilon Git repository on your machine:

Version 1.1 fixes the bugs and implements the enhancement requests below.

# Description Reporter
414675 EPackage registry does not load properly
414766 Java standalone produces invalid model cross-references
382640 No protection against invalid constraints property in org.eclipse.epsilon.evl.emf.validation extension point
382228 EOL Parse Error
406506 Setting label.placement="none" to skip having to use label is causing an error.
412901 Storing cross reference whose source or target label contains single quote in Concordance
387493 Shorthand for Collect
335094 Sentences between operations should be explicitly disallowed
414106 Values in EPL pattern domains should be filtered using isOfKind instead of isOfType
332869 [EOL] 'and' and 'or' operators have the same precedence
393417 [Flock] EquivalenceFactory operates on fully qualified model (type) names, so mismatching EPackages (petrinets1 vs. petrinets2) won't give equivalences
380769 Prevent validating ecore constraints multiple times
403275 Why No Examples Projects?
394872 Provide choice to include the EMF/eCore validator
393988 EGL template contents not processed after operation definition
394474 EGL Editor freezes
410002 Bad documentation links
410403 Issues with Cache, IdentityBasedWeakReference and EolCollectionType#isKindOf
410741 Epsilon Compare breaks EMF Compare on Kepler
320608 ETL parameterised equivalent(rule) causes array store exception
288616 ModeLink Drag'n'Drop
313762 epsilon.loadModel expand feature error
402210 [EGL] Error when adding Enumeration Classes to the UML Model
404235 Regression:Broken JAR-based imports
407183 EugeniaActionDelegate does not work with Jazz RTC Source Control
400391 NPE when generating preserved region from template operation
307755 [Eugenia] GenModel model is empty after applying FixGenModel.eol
400569 [Eugenia] List of new annotations
402538 [EUnit JUnit integration] Support custom operation contributors in EUnitTestRunner
402542 [EOL] "xor" operation does not produce the correct results
376156 Improve inserting automatically closing characters
404496 [Flock] Cannot specify the package of a type in a 'migrate' or 'retype' rule
404536 Coherence cache issue with CollectionAnnotator's WeakHashMap
361620 epsilon.eugenia ant task has problems with ecore models that have packages in packages
382860 Parse error when additional assignment operator used when creating new objects
404674 Exeed "Show structural info" menu item not always effective
384846 Internal error generated when accessing size method of sequence from chooseMany
382136 Multiple parsing modules sleeping
404302 [EWL] Extra packages are collected from all configuration elements and not just the applicable ones
404086 /model/org/epsilon/eol/models/emf/virtual/VirtualEMF.genmodel is missing
400409 Improve EGL outline view
380910 Method 'satisfiesOne' not found for ...
405001 Enhancement: Introduce assertions for checking that some line of a file matches a certain expression
404797 Epsilon triggers major early startup loading
292132 multiline comment not colouring text in EGL
295410 Eugenia: When two @gmf.nodes have same, gmfmap is not generated and no error message
344134 org.hamcrest.matchers bundles source and class files in same directory
286385 $pre / $post annotations are mistaken for ERL pre / post blocks by ERL parser
288339 Storing model using eol script creates Exceptions
397658 [HUTN] Null values cause exception when generating model
338193 Backwards incompatible changes to print, println, err, end errln
395819 [EOL] Casting operations (asInteger, etc) no longer present on Any
395874 ECL guards overwrite variables
395806 Epsilon example launch file need to be updated
388705 print() behaves differently based on prefix, might report EolNoType, EolTypeNoInstance
394971 ProfilerTool throws NullPointerException when stop() is called more often than start()
Version Eclipse Released Notes
1.5.1 4.8 (Photon) 30 Sep 2018 Service release
1.5 4.8 (Photon) 12 Aug 2018 Scheduled release
1.4 4.6 (Neon) 6 Nov 2016 Scheduled release
1.3 4.5 (Mars) 8 Mar 2015 Scheduled release
1.2 4.4 (Luna) 25 Aug 2014 Scheduled release
1.1_SR1 4.3 (Kepler) 10 Sept 2013 Service release
1.1 4.3 (Kepler) 29 Aug 2013 Scheduled release
1.0 4.2 (Juno) 12 Nov 2012 Scheduled release