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Running Epsilon from Source

To run Epsilon from source, you need to:

  • Download a copy of the latest version of Eclipse and select the "Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers" option when prompted during the installation process.
  • Clone the Git repository (from ssh:// if you're an Epsilon committer, or from git:// if you're not). To clone the repository as a committer you first need to add your public key to Gerrit.
  • Import all the projects under the plugins, features, and tests folders in your workspace.
  • (optional) To organise your workspace, you can create working sets. For example, you could create three working sets that mirror the contents of the folders above (plugins, features, and tests).
  • Open releng/ and click the "Set as Active Target Platform" link on the top right
  • Right-click on any Epsilon plugin project in the Project Explorer and select Run as → Eclipse Application

Naming Conventions

  • The execution engines for the various Epsilon languages are located in org.eclipse.epsilon.*.engine plugins. These are Eclipse-independent.
  • Plugins named *.dt contain development tools (e.g. editors, run configurations, debuggers) for the respective Epsilon languages.
  • Plugins named org.eclipse.epsilon.emc.* contain Epsilon Model Connectivity (EMC) drivers through which Epsilon languages can interact with different types of models (e.g. EMF models, spreadsheets etc.)
  • Plugins named org.eclipse.epsilon.emc.*.dt contain development tools (e.g. model configuration dialogs) for the respective EMC drivers.
  • Plugins named *.workflow contribute ANT tasks.

Modifying the Epsilon parsers

  • Before you can regenerate the Epsilon parsers, you need to clone the epsilon-antlr-dev Git repo into a sibling folder of the Epsilon repo.
  • To modify e.g. the EVL parser, you need to change Evl.g and/or EvlParserRules.g. To re-generate the parser you need to run build-evl-parser.xml as an Ant build.
  • Since all Epsilon languages extend EOL, if you modify the EOL parser, you'll then need to run build-all-eol-dependent-parsers.xml

Running the Epsilon tests

  • After making any changes to the Epsilon source code, you're advised to run the Epsilon test suites to avoid regressions. Epsilon provides two main test suites: EpsilonTestSuite and EpsilonPluggedInTestSuite (the latter needs to be run as a JUnit Plug-In Test)