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Releasing a new version of Epsilon

There are a number of adiministrative and engineering tasks required to release a new verison of Epsilon. It's important to do them in proper order, as described below.

Getting the release approved by Eclipse

Log in to the PMI. Under the "Releases" section (right hand side under "Committer Tools"), click on "Create a new release" and fill in the fields. Note that we typically have a major.minor naming scheme, so for the release name, make sure it's 2 numbers (i.e. don't add a .0 patch number). If it has been more than one year since the last release, a review is required, so the release date should be set at least 8 days later than today. In this case, you will also need to do "Generate IP log" for the release.

On the release, go to "Edit". At a minimum, you should ensure "The Basics" section is filled in and correct. For "IP Due Dilligence Type", select Type A if you're unsure. The hit "Save". When you're happy with it, and it has been more than a year since the last release, you need to submit the release for review.

Managing the update sites

When creating a new release, we need to add the update site for this release to the composite. We also need to create a folder containing the javadocs for the release under a directory with the name of the release at the root of the download site. We also need to remove the old release folder (move it to the archive). The new update site for the release is obtained by copying the interim.

These tasks are automated by a shell script. Please check this before the release. The main thing you'll need to check are the "OldVersion" and "NewVersion" variables. There are two ways this can be run, but in any case, it needs to be run from the CI server. One way is to uncomment the "NEW VERSION" stage in the Jenkinsfile at the root of the repository, then push to trigger it. The other way is to run the release-logistics Jenkins job. Of course, you should check what is being run first, since if anything is deleted or overwritten, it can't be undone. Log in to the CI and then you can check what is being run in Configure. Scroll down to Build and check the Execute shell task, making sure it's the same as that in the shell script in the repo (or whichever looks correct).

Build and release to Maven Central

See this article.

Tagging the release

You should run git tag x.y, replacing x.y with the version. Then do git push origin x.y (again, x.y is the version). You can verify the tag was pushed by checking the output of git ls-remote --tags origin.

Update the website

The Epsilon website's Download page should be the only place in the website repo that needs updating. Specifically, you will need to change two source files in the source directory. Add the new release info to Then update to mentioned the new release. Generally it should be as easy as Find and Replacing the old version with the new one.

Also don't forget to build the static site for changes to take effect.

Bump up versions

Run the following commands from the root of the repository, replacing X.Y.Z with the full version number of the release (where | is the patch, usually 0). Tycho will automatically take care of updating the Maven and PDE projects (MANIFEST.MF, feature.xml etc.). Note that the standalone POMs (i.e. the pom-plain.xml files) are bumped separately using the third command below.

mvn versions:set-property -Dproperty=epsilon.version -DnewVersion=X.Y.Z-SNAPSHOT mvn org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-versions-plugin:set-version -DnewVersion=X.Y.Z-SNAPSHOT mvn -f pom-plain.xml versions:set -DnewVersion=X.Y.Z-SNAPSHOT

You may also need to manually bump up the version of the releng/ project. Specifically, the MANIFEST.MF, but it's also worth checking the pom.xml to make sure they're consistent with each other. Also, in the root pom.xml in the repository, there is a property called "epsilon.version". You should bump that up manually as well. Also check org.eclipse.epsilon.test's MANIFEST.MF. The build will fail if anything is inconsistent.

Announce release on forum

It would be courteous to let users know of the new release, along with the new features, on the Epsilon Forum.