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Call for User Stories

Over the last few years we've been delighted to see the Epsilon community grow and expand. We'd like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your feedback and contributions, and if it's not too much of a hassle, we'd like to ask for your help one more time.

Epsilon is developed and maintained by members of staff at the University of York (UK) and University of Cadiz (Spain). In the context of the UK Research Excellence Framework 2014, we (the York people) need to prepare a portfolio that demonstrates the impact of our research (for some definition of impact).

In this direction it'd be really appreciated if you spare a few minutes to write a few sentences on what you're using Epsilon for in your company/research group and why it's cool, and share them with us at

All responses, no matter how short or seemingly trivial, would be very helpful for us, and will be rewarded accordingly next time we meet. Of course, no user story will be made publicly available without your explicit consent.

In case you'd like an example, we recently received the following statement from Jendrik Johannes, a founder of DevBoost. Our thanks to Jendrik for his statement and for kindly allowing us to use it here.

"We used Eugenia in a project where we developed a graphical editor for a client as an extension for their existing tool for modeling wind farms. The client already used a model as the basis for the tool and thus it was a matter of minutes to generate a prototype of the editor with Eugenia. This gave us the possibility to discuss the clients requirements directly on a working prototype which later on also served as the basis for the actual implementation. Using Eugenia, we implemented the prototype within a week - a task that usually takes a month."

[Jendrik Johannes, founder of DevBoost]