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Adding new plugins

This article outlines the process of adding new plugins to the main Epsilon repository.

  • Move them to the Epsilon repository. Plugins, features, tests and examples should be placed under the respective directories in the repository.
  • Add pom.xml files similar to the ones we already have for each plugin, but changing the <artifactId> to the Eclipse plugin name.
  • If you want its tests to be run from Hudson as plug-in tests, add them to the EpsilonHudsonPluggedInTestSuite in org.eclipse.epsilon.test.
  • Define a feature for the new plugins (feature project in features/, as usual, but with its own POM) and add it to the site.xml in the org.eclipse.epsilon.updatesite.interim project.
  • Change the plugins/pom.xml, tests/pom.xml and features/pom.xml so they mention the new projects in their <modules> section.
  • If you want a specific standalone JAR for this, you\'ll need to update the jarmodel.xml, rerun the jarmodel2mvn.launch launch config, and then mention the new Maven assembly descriptor in the org.eclipse.epsilon.standalone/pom.xml file. There's a readme.txt file in that folder that explains the process.
  • Update org.eclipse.epsilon/standalone/org.eclipse.epsilon.standalone/pom.xml with the details of the new plugins.