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EPF Composer 1.0.2 Downloads (Archived)

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP or 2003
  • Red Hat Enteprise Linux, SUSE Enterprise Linux, and possibly others
    Mozilla or Firefox
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.4.2 or later

Release Notes

    Build Notes
  • EPF 1.0.2 is the latest release with a collection of bugfixes in the 1.0.x stream.
  • EPF 1.0.2a for Win32 works around Bugzilla 150782 by bundling a special patched SWT plugin in the base RCP environment.

    Defects addressed in EPF 1.0.2

    Defects addressed in EPF
  • Bug 166048: check-items, task-steps don't appear when using the publishing type "publish the processes selected below"'
  • Bug 168115: Act det diag gets scattered and tasks change places
  • Bug 168118: Publish site: Activity diagram is missing in published page due to Javascript codeset incorrect

    Defects addressed in EPF
  • Bug 160991: Sort configuration while creating new process
  • Bug 162025: EPF does not show Main Description fields for some guidance elements (fixed on Linux systems only)
  • Bug 162154: Circular references are possible with artifacts and practices
  • Bug 162338: Suppressed tasks appear in the published site but not in Browsing perspective
  • Bug 162647: Problem with sorting elements in a published process
  • Bug 162603: Replacing disciplines appear inside their replaced elements
  • Bug 162712: Work product descriptors and role descriptors are not sorted alphabetically
  • Bug 162969: Need to fix regular expressions in external links
  • Bug 162123: Properly close out those Eclipse projects used during the import/export
  • Bug 162783: Publish team information in Work Breakdown Structure for TDs
  • Bug 163146: Need to provide "Team" information in the consolidated view of the process editor
  • Bug 163151: Provide sorting for elements under modelInfo in the process editor
  • Bug 163476: Optional, External input, and some rows should not be empty
  • Bug 163885: Circular links appear when publishing Supporting Materials which contribute to parent Supporting Materials
  • Bug 163995: Error message appears while upgrading library from an older version

    New in EPF 1.0.1
  • Native Language support for Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, and Spanish
  • Bug Fixes. See section on Defects Fixed for more details.
  • EPF 1.0.1a for Win32 addresses Bugzilla 150782 in the build environment.

    New in EPF 1.0

    Conceptual Changes
  • Configurations are managed as independent units - ability to change configurations easily in a CM environment
  • Disciplines Nesting - provide hierarchies of Disciplines just as Domains
  • Separation between localContribution and Contribution in processes

    Process Editing Features
  • Activity Variability - create plug-ins for existing processes
  • Deep Copy - obtain local copy of an entire pattern
  • Local Replace Deep Copy - turns a green process branch into black
  • Process Synchronization - synchronize process against changes in method content
  • Change types of Activities - turn a Capability Pattern into a Phase, an Iteration into an Activity

    Publishing Features
  • Process-centric publishing - publish only the method content that is used by published processes
  • Redundant Descriptors publishing - publish descriptors including all content from related method content elements
  • Publish base activity diagrams for extending elements

    Import/Export Features
  • XML Import/Export - migrate content from other sources
  • Configuration Management Support - use EPF with a versioning system
  • Problem Reports - find and eliminate inconsistent references in the library

    Usability and UI Improvements
  • Numerous usability and UI enhancements - Breadcrumbs for Processes, Tree browser without folders, Less cluttered processes, Convert broken hyperlinks to normal text, Improved publication logs, Tailor WBS appearance

Build Details

  • The OpenUP 0.9 library is bundled in this release.

Known Issues

  • Cheatsheets and Online Help are not localized.
  • Refer to the detailed CM Support Notes for caveats and usability issues on CM Support in EPF Composer.

Defects Fixed

Linux Installation Instructions

  • Expand the downloaded archive file
  • Set MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME to the directory of Mozilla or Firefox libraries
  • Change to epf-composer folder
  • Start the program named epf
    It may be necessary to use the -vm argument to point EPF Composer at the correct JRE
    Example: ./epf -vm /usr/local/j2re1.4.2/bin/java

Windows Installation Instructions

  • Expand the downloaded zip file
  • Change to epf-composer folder and start the program named epf.exe


EPF 1.0.2a (Win32) Download 40 MB 5 March 2007
EPF 1.0.2 (Linux/GTK) Download 40 MB 5 March 2007
EPF (Win32) Download 40 MB 13 December 2006
EPF (Linux/GTK) Download 40 MB 13 December 2006
EPF (Win32) Download 40 MB 4 December 2006
EPF (Linux/GTK) Download 40 MB 4 December 2006
EPF 1.0.1a (Win32) Download 40 MB 31 October 2006
EPF 1.0.1 (Linux/GTK) Download 40 MB 30 October 2006

NLS Plugin and Feature Overlay Download

NLS Pack for EPF 1.0.1 and 1.0.1.x Download 5 MB 1 November 2006

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