Eclipse Layout Kernel

Ever feel like you spend most of your time getting a diagram’s layout right instead of its content?

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KlassViz uses automatic layout to generate class diagrams in Eclipse on the fly.



DebuKViz uses automatic layout to generate visualizations of variables in your Java programs while debugging.

Ptolemy II

Ptolemy II

Ptolemy II uses automatic layout to make developing models graphically easier.

Automatic Layout?

Diagrams are great for visualizing concepts and systems. Without a good layout, however, they are worthless. The Eclipse Layout Kernel (ELK) provides layout algorithms and the infrastructure to connect them to diagram editors.

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Anatomy of an Elk

The Eclipse Layout Kernel consists of two things: a number of layout algorithms based on academic research, and an infrastructure to easily integrate them into your application.


Is This for Me?

Yes, if you're a tool developer who wants to enhance their graphical editors and viewers with automatic layout.

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