RPMN collaborative content creation tools

Eclipse Free BIRD Tools provides open source implementations of:
  • Text editors for the file formats with auto-completion
  • Auto-creation of diagrams from the text formats
  • Visual and textual navigation of the artefacts
using the stable Eclipse RCP desktop environment, the Eclipse Sirius visualisation framework, and Language Server Protocol integration (all of which are themselves open source)

Other web based environments considered are the VSCode environment (which can run in the web and is language server compliant), and Sirius these are not too tricky to port to

Generating Solution Skeletons

Eclipse Free BIRD Tools provides a code generator which takes RPMN text files as input and produces working prototypes. The current code generators create Java prototypes which work well in the many stable mature java run/debug/develop environments and can be easily understood by the millions of Java developers in the world.

It is not a big leap to make this into a Python/Scala/C-sharp code generator, to integrate with those stable environments also. The code generator takes RPMN as an input and creates:
  • UI forms for test data, with instant data validation against the data model
  • Executable functions in Java, with clear lineage back to the RPMN business friendly description
  • Workflow logic to run the Java functions in the correct order
  • Post execution results which describe very clearly the data-lineage of the calculated results
  • Tests that can be run in existing automated testing frameworks (work in progress)


Eclipse Free BIRD Tools provides open source connectors written in Python which take as input the artefacts (such as the Data Model) produced by the BIRD project and translates them to Ecore text files in the Xcore human (and machine) readable format Connectors could be provided to other open or closed regulatory data models also.

LDM Tools

The BIRD LDM is a great primary source of information without duplication of business concerns and can be used as a source for “flatter” de-normalised models such as IREF which may be more compatible with data mapping from banks systems, or submission to regulator's systems.

We would like to develop collaboratively a working interactive prototypes and great tools for working with LDM to open up its full potential. We build these tools on fully open-source standards and frameworks (Ecore and Eclipse Edapt ) under the Eclipse License so that they can be incorporated easily into commercially supported tools if desired without the restrictions of proprietary formats, proprietary tools, and proprietary licenses.

We use Eclipse Edapt for Forward engineering and data migration, since it is very fit for purpose, interactive, and completely customisable and extendable as an open source solution published under the commercially friendly , open source, Eclipse License. An example of Edapt in action:

forward engineering edapt1

forward engineering edapt2

Automatic data migrations of LDM data matching the FE structural migrations