The BIRD project, a collaboration of European banks and central banks, led by the ECB, previously created and published openly the logic of the EBA Finrep 2.8 regulation in an executable language called VTL.

A lot of test data for this was created also by the project.

This VTL program transforms data in the BIRD data model into the data required by EBA's Finrep 2.8 templates.

Since its creation the BIRD data model has moved on a bit, and the same items are redistrubuted some what to different entities, and the VTL is not currently being updated as the BIRD project considers other business friendly means of describing regulatory transformations.

We would like to see the value of this effort preserved (and grown) in an open environment, this also provides a good means to show Ecore4Reg as fit for its purpose for EBA reports.

Porting the VTL to Ecore4Reg

We can consider that some of this work needs to be done by hand, but we know that some of it can be automated, and we know that the task will be easier if we have tools for navigating the VTL and its dependencies.

So we create an in memory version of the VTL code, and some tools for navigating it, and some tools for autogenerating Ecore4Reg text files from the VTL (or at least their skeletons, and whatever flesh we can add/estimate)

The skeleton files can be improved manually and tracked and discussed through Github, and also the autogenration program (open source of course, and written in Python) can be improved and re-run also.

An input to the Python program is also high level info about how the BIRD data model has changed since the 2.8 VTL was written.

here is an example of the VTL navigation tool: