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Professional Support

Open-source software is free of licensing fees. Furthermore, it is easy to adapt and enhance with new features. Nevertheless, using open-source frameworks is not free. Like in closed-source software, not everybody is an expert on every framework. The total cost of ownership includes training, adoption, enhancement and maintenance of a framework. It might take significantly more time for somebody new to the project to extend a certain feature than for a person who is familiar with the framework. Furthermore, software has to be maintained. Even if this can be done literally by everybody for open-source software, a professional maintenance agreement with fixed response times is often mandatory in an industrial setting to ensure productivity. EclipseSource employs several EMF Forms committers and offers training and professional support. This includes:

  • Evaluation
    Let us help to decide, whether EMF Forms is the right choice for you. We will evaluate your requirements, assess if and how they can be matched with EMF Forms and help you estimate the integration effort
  • Prototyping
    Let us provide you with a prototype demonstrating how EMF Forms will work in your domain
  • Training
    Let us teach you, how to apply EMF Forms most efficient in your project, including related technologies such as EMF or ECP
  • Integration
    Let us help you to integrate EMF Forms into your existing application as efficiently as possible
  • Support
    Let us assist your team when solving day-to-day issues, such as technical problems or architecture decisions
  • Sponsored Development and Maintenance
    Let us adapt and enhance the framework based on your specific requirements


The following stats provided by OpenHub give a sense of the level of activity of EMF Forms:

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