Eclipse NeoSCADA™ 0.2.2 and 0.3.0-M5 released


First of all there is a maintenance release 0.2.2 of the 0.2.x branche, which fixes two issues of the TLS implementation Eclipse NeoSCADA uses for communication. One issue in the NET/GMPP protocol and the other in the NGP protocol. Both issues were found and reported to us by Lorenzo Nicolodi. Thanks!

For the 0.3.0 branch, which is currently in development, the NGP protocol was also fixed. The NET/GMPP protocol however is deprecated and no longer part of Eclipse NeoSCADA starting with 0.3.x. Also does this milestone contain a few other fixes and improvements.

0.2.2 (release) – R201601220729

0.3.0-M5 (milestone) – S201601270354