Maintenance release & milestone release


In the last few days we prepared two new releases of Eclipse SCADA. First of all we did a maintanance release for the 0.1.0 series (0.1.2) and second we pushed out the first milestone build of the 0.2 release cycle.

As always the changes are described in their release pages (0.1.0 and 0.2.0).

For the release cycle 0.2 we started to change a few things we learned during the creating of Eclipse SCADA 0.1.0. First of all we will change the directory names on the download area for update sites and repositories from e.g. 0.2.0 to 0.2. For the drops directory it makes sense to have each version in a different directory, but for P2, APT and YUM repositories you only want to have one latest 0.2 URL.

Besides a lot of work in the background on the build system, the major new thing in 0.2.0-M2 is the addition of the S7 (dave) components to the configurator engine. It is now possible to create an S7 PLC configuration using the memory description model, including nested structures. Also did the realtime list of ESAC get a timestamp column. A feature we wanted to add for a long time.

And since the start of the 0.2 release cycle allows us to try out a few new things, we added the "armhf" architecture to our debian deployment packages. The idea is to let the configurator tool create ready-to-run packages for the Raspberry PI, the BeagleBone and whatever ARM platform is out there. The M2 release contains the first few bits for this, the packaged P2 director and the system configuration package. The rest is already underway and should be part of the M3 release.

0.2.0-M2 (milestone) – S201405211233

0.1.2 (release) – R201405201039