Eclipse SCADA Release 0.1.0


We are proud to announce the 0.1.0 release of the Eclipse SCADA project!

Although one could infer from the version, that it is a brand new project, this isn’t actually the case. Eclipse SCADA 0.1.0 is essentially the successor of openSCADA 1.1, which is already in production on many sites in Europe and the U.S., running 24/7. The only reason for the renumbering is that in transition to Eclipse we had to reset the version number to something smaller than 1.0. This big step also gave us the chance to reorganize the repositories and sub projects in a more meaningful way. Additionally there was a review of all the source code and its dependencies regarding the legality of their origins involved, which we passed with flying colors.

During the time we of course also developed a lot new features. The most notable changes are:

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This release is only the first step, for the next version there are already some interesting features in the pipeline:

A new project which we will propose in the near future is Project Haystack, a set of clearly defined interfaces for storing and retrieving time series data as well as a storage implementation.

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For more information:

0.1.0 (release) – R201405060718