Java Persistence API (JPA) Extensions Reference for EclipseLink, Release 2.5
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Use eclipselink.create-ddl-jdbc-file-name to specify the name of the DDL file generated by EclipseLink that contains the SQL statements to create tables for JPA entities.


Table 5-27 describes this persistence property's values.

Table 5-27 Valid Values for create-ddl-jdbc-file-name

Value Description

File name

A file name valid for your operating system.

You can prefix the file name with a file path if a concatenation of eclipselink.application-location + eclipselink.create-ddl-jdbc-file-name is valid for your operating system.


If eclipselink.ddl-generation is set to create-tables or drop-and-create-tables, EclipseLink writes this file to the location specified by eclipselink.application-location.


See Example 5-17 for information on how to use this property in the persistence.xml file.

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