Class JSONWriterRecord.Level

  • Enclosing class:

    protected static class JSONWriterRecord.Level
    extends Object
    Instances of this class are used to maintain state about the current level of the JSON message being marshalled.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Level

        public Level​(boolean value,
                     boolean needToOpen,
                     boolean nestedArray)
      • Level

        public Level​(boolean value,
                     boolean needToOpen,
                     boolean nestedArray,
                     JSONWriterRecord.Level previousLevel)
    • Method Detail

      • isNeedToOpenComplex

        public boolean isNeedToOpenComplex()
      • setNeedToOpenComplex

        public void setNeedToOpenComplex​(boolean needToOpenComplex)
      • isNeedToCloseComplex

        public boolean isNeedToCloseComplex()
      • setNeedToCloseComplex

        public void setNeedToCloseComplex​(boolean needToCloseComplex)
      • isEmptyCollection

        public boolean isEmptyCollection()
      • setEmptyCollection

        public void setEmptyCollection​(boolean emptyCollection)
      • isFirst

        public boolean isFirst()
      • setFirst

        public void setFirst​(boolean value)
      • isCollection

        public boolean isCollection()
      • setCollection

        public void setCollection​(boolean collection)
      • isNestedArray

        public boolean isNestedArray()
      • setNestedArray

        public void setNestedArray​(boolean nestedArray)