Class ForeignReferenceQueryKey

    • Field Detail

      • referenceClass

        protected Class referenceClass
      • referenceClassName

        protected String referenceClassName
    • Constructor Detail

      • ForeignReferenceQueryKey

        public ForeignReferenceQueryKey()
    • Method Detail

      • convertClassNamesToClasses

        public void convertClassNamesToClasses​(ClassLoader classLoader)
        INTERNAL: Convert all the class-name-based settings in this project to actual class-based settings
        convertClassNamesToClasses in class QueryKey
        classLoader -
      • getJoinCriteria

        public Expression getJoinCriteria()
        PUBLIC: Return the join expression for the relationship defined by the query key.
      • getReferenceClass

        public Class getReferenceClass()
        PUBLIC: Return the reference class of the relationship.
      • getReferenceClassName

        public String getReferenceClassName()
        PUBLIC: Return the reference class name of the relationship.
      • isForeignReferenceQueryKey

        public boolean isForeignReferenceQueryKey()
        INTERNAL: override the isForeignReferenceQueryKey() method in the superclass to return true.
        isForeignReferenceQueryKey in class QueryKey
      • setJoinCriteria

        public void setJoinCriteria​(Expression joinCriteria)
        PUBLIC: Set the join expression for the relationship defined by the query key.


      • setReferenceClass

        public void setReferenceClass​(Class referenceClass)
        PUBLIC: Set the reference class of the relationship. This is not required for direct collection query keys.
      • setReferenceClassName

        public void setReferenceClassName​(String referenceClassName)
        PUBLIC: Set the reference class name for this relationship This is used when projects are built without using classes
        referenceClassName -
      • getSourceTable

        public org.eclipse.persistence.internal.helper.DatabaseTable getSourceTable()
        PUBLIC: Returns the source table.
      • getReferenceTable

        public org.eclipse.persistence.internal.helper.DatabaseTable getReferenceTable​(ClassDescriptor desc)
        PUBLIC: Returns the reference table.
      • getRelationTable

        public org.eclipse.persistence.internal.helper.DatabaseTable getRelationTable​(ClassDescriptor referenceDescriptor)
        PUBLIC: Returns the relation table. Currently only ManyToMany and OneToOne may have relation table. The method is overridden to return null for other subclasses. The returned relationTable still could be null.