Class EISDirectMapping

    • Constructor Detail

      • EISDirectMapping

        public EISDirectMapping()
    • Method Detail

      • setXPath

        public void setXPath​(String xpathString)
        Set the Mapping field name attribute to the given XPath String.
        xpathString - String
      • getXPath

        public String getXPath()
        Get the XPath String associated with this Mapping
        String the XPath String associated with this Mapping
      • setFieldName

        public void setFieldName​(String fieldName)
        PUBLIC: Set the field name in the mapping.
      • writeValueIntoRow

        protected void writeValueIntoRow​(org.eclipse.persistence.internal.sessions.AbstractRecord row,
                                         org.eclipse.persistence.internal.helper.DatabaseField field,
                                         Object fieldValue)
        Description copied from class: AbstractColumnMapping
        Specified by:
        writeValueIntoRow in class AbstractDirectMapping
      • writeFromObjectIntoRow

        public void writeFromObjectIntoRow​(Object object,
                                           org.eclipse.persistence.internal.sessions.AbstractRecord row,
                                           org.eclipse.persistence.internal.sessions.AbstractSession session,
                                           DatabaseMapping.WriteType writeType)
        INTERNAL: We override this method in order to set the session on the record if the data format is XML. Get a value from the object and set that in the respective field of the row.
        writeFromObjectIntoRow in class AbstractDirectMapping