Class CommitOrderType

  • public class CommitOrderType
    extends Object
    Commit order type persistence property values.

    JPA persistence property Usage:

    properties.add(PersistenceUnitProperties.PERSISTENCE_CONTEXT_COMMIT_ORDER, CommitOrderType.Changes);

    Property values are case-insensitive. Defines the ordering of updates and deletes of a set of the same entity type during a commit or flush operation. The commit order of entities is defined by their foreign key constraints, and then sorted alphabetically.\

    By default the commit of a set of the same entity type is not ordered.

    Entity type commit order can be modified using a DescriptorCustomizer and the ClassDescriptor.addConstraintDependency() API. Commit order can also be controlled using the EntityManager.flush() API.

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      • CommitOrderType

        public CommitOrderType()