Class ExternalizableDelegator

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Externalizable, Serializable

    public class ExternalizableDelegator
    extends Object
    implements Externalizable
    Delegates DataObject serialization while ensuring implementation independent An implementation of DataObject returns an ExternalizableDelegator from its writeReplace() method. The root DataObject is the object returned from do.getRootObject() where do is the DataObject being serialized in a When do.getContainer() == null then do is a root object. The byte format for each DataObject in the stream is: [0] [path] [root] // when do is not a root object [1] [rootXML] // when do is a root object where: [0] is the byte 0, serialized using writeByte(0). [1] is the byte 1, serialized using writeByte(1). [path] is an SDO path expression from the root DataObject to the serialized DataObject such that root.getDataObject(path) == do. Serialized using writeUTF(path). [root] is the root object serialized using writeObject(root). [rootXML] is the GZip of the XML serialization of the root DataObject. The XML serialization is the same as, "commonj.sdo", "dataObject", stream); where stream is a GZIPOutputStream, length is the number of bytes in the stream, and bytes are the contents of the stream. Serialized using writeInt(length), write(bytes).
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