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Interface DataGraph

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    public interface DataGraph
    extends Serializable
    . Because the same functionality can be obtained with DataObjects alone and because using DataObjects has the advantages of consistence and richer functionality, the use of the special envelope DataGraph is discouraged and may be removed altogether in a future version.
    A data graph is used to package a graph of data objects along with their metadata, that is, data describing the data. A data graph also contains a change summary which is used to record changes made to the objects in the graph.
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      • getType

        Type getType​(String uri,
                     String typeName)
        Returns the type with the given the URI, or contained by the resource at the given URI, and with the given name.
        uri - the namespace URI of a type or the location URI of a resource containing a type.
        typeName - name of a type.
        the type with the corresponding namespace and name.
      • createRootObject

        DataObject createRootObject​(Type type)
        Creates a new root data object of the specified type. An exception is thrown if a root object exists.
        type - the type of the new root.
        the new root.
        IllegalStateException - if the root object already exists.
        See Also:
        createRootObject(String, String)