Class AbstractActualJPQLQueryFormatter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    IJPQLQueryFormatter, StateObjectVisitor
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    DefaultActualJPQLQueryFormatter, EclipseLinkActualJPQLQueryFormatter

    public abstract class AbstractActualJPQLQueryFormatter
    extends BaseJPQLQueryFormatter
    This IJPQLQueryFormatter is used to generate a string representation of a StateObject based on how it was parsed, which means this formatter can only be used when the StateObject was created by parsing a JPQL query because it needs to retrieve parsing information from the corresponding Expression.

    It is possible to partially match the JPQL query that was parsed, the value of exactMatch will determine whether the string representation of any given StateObject should reflect the exact string that was parsed. true will use every bit of information contained in the corresponding Expression to perfectly match what was parsed (case of JPQL identifiers and the presence of whitespace); false will only match the case sensitivity of the JPQL identifiers.

    Pascal Filion